I fought, I was motivated and I overcame it: warrior who defeated breast cancer

Today, October 19, the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer. This date is significant for Karina Camacho, who was diagnosed with the disease eight years ago, when she was 33 years old, and today she can say that she has overcome it.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago, it was not easy to receive the diagnosis. Fortunately the doctors acted very quickly and thanks to that I was able to receive treatment on time ”, Karina commented.

It all adds up

Shortly after her diagnosis, Karina had to undergo a unilateral radical mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and oral treatment for five years. This was an intimately physically and emotionally complex process. He decided to accompany himself with everything possible to save his life and feel better.

During this time, I also turned to alternative medicine (although not from the beginning), I started with quantum therapy, which is based on the integral treatment of the body, mind and emotions, since everything influences in being able to get ahead of this disease; also reiki, Bach flowers, well, even a shaman for a clean, I resorted to everything I could to be able to feel good ”, Karina recounted.

For her it all added up. Approaching other types of therapies helped to strengthen his body and mind weakened by chemotherapies.

“I have thought that all that was what helped me improve and not be so bad during all the time that I had to be under treatment because the chemotherapies greatly weaken to the body and also taking the other alternatives, I feel like they helped me not feel so bad, not to weaken myself so much and to keep my immune system as strong as possible “, he confessed.

Food is elementary

Eating the right foods during and after cancer treatment can help a patient feel better and stronger. These nutrients include protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals.

“From the day of the diagnosis, I consulted a nutritionist to be able to be fed as well as possible in all stages, since I had to follow a regimen before the operation and the chemo, another during the chemo sessions and another after finishing with those. cycles ”.

“I had to make major changes to my diet, especially during the first five years (which is the period given to those of us who had cancer to say that the possibility of recidivism is minimal). I had to stop consuming refined sugar, beef and pork and in general, eat healthier. It was not easy at all, because before I ate as much as I wanted and from one day to the next, I had to make radical changes. Now after this time I can already consume everything, but in moderation ”, that’s how Karina lived it.

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Good attitude

A cancer diagnosis can affect the emotional health of the patient, his family, and those close to him. In general there are feelings of anxiety, distress, and depression, which must be constantly overcome in order to maintain the care that is needed.

It is very important to be convinced of the treatment to follow and try to maintain a good attitude, although it is difficult. At first I was very angry and did not want any treatment, even when I was already in chemo, I thought about leaving them because the discomfort was very strong, but thanks to my family, alternative therapies, the psychologist and the people I met along the way, I changed my attitude and convinced myself that everything would be better ”, Karina shared.

Family commitment and strength

Willpower, perseverance, discipline and commitment to oneself are the key to obtaining good results. This is how Karina understood it:

“And I followed the treatment to the letter, I did not skip consultations, or chemo, or pills, nothing, I followed everything as all the doctors recommended and although I could not eat everything, because many things made me nauseous, I always tried to do it right ”.

Even though Karina is no longer in treatment, she will never be discharged, that is part of the follow-up protocol for a cancer patient. However, you should continue to have annual check-ups with doctors from different specialties, to verify that the cancer does not return to the same place or in another part of the body.

It is very important not to stop doing it [revisarse] Well, if there is something wrong, it can be attended to in time ”, commented Karina.

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to fight on a daily basis, make decisions, walk the process with courage and assume what is happening. Along the way, Karina met people who arrived at the right time and who encouraged her to continue.

“Overcome the disease it was a long and sometimes difficult road, but what I think helped me was first, a good and quick diagnosis, I read a lot, I asked a lot (all the doctors, people who had already gone through this before), I always had my family and many friends supporting me ”, Karina considered.

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Light still in the dark

Like everything in life, there is a hard and dark part, but it is also possible to glimpse something positive. For Karina, she revealed, the disease left her a life with healthy eating and exercise, “I have learned to listen to my body and not demand so much of it.”

“I had to understand that beating cancer was only my responsibility, because, although I had and have a huge support network, no one could decide whether or not to take the treatments, whether or not to follow the instructions and go through the whole process.”

I learned that everything has a process and that as much as I want and despair, I have to wait and go through each stage to get to the end of the road. Now I am more grateful for my health, the health of those around me, for what I have and for the people I have by my side. Cancer is definitely something that changed me forever ”, external.

After having overcome the illness Karina feels a greater force, like never before.

“I was very afraid because I thought I would not endure the treatment, but I realized that I am much stronger than I think and that after I get over cancer, I can get over anything. If it were a super heroine would be the ‘Wonder Woman’, He is super strong, intelligent, he also flies and recovers quickly from injuries. I always say that the body is wonderful, but mine more ”.

A message of encouragement from a pink warrior

[A todas quienes están pasando por un cáncer] I would tell them that it is okay to get angry, feel afraid, cry and have a hard time receiving the diagnosis, because treatment is sometimes long and difficult, because there will be bad days, but there will also be very good days and they are highly valued.

The good news is that everything happens. The ailments, pain and illness will also pass.

It is important to have a good support network and surround yourself with good people and who wants them, do not give place to people who do not want their well-being.

Read a lot about the disease, ask your doctors everything what they need to know, because they do not always tell us everything, no question is too much.

External your feelings, your discomfort and if something hurts, say it, having cancer is not synonymous with living with pain.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, to a family member, friends, psychologists, whoever they prefer, it is a difficult situation and if you go through it with company and help, it is much more bearable.

Don’t skip inquiries, studies, reviews, all are important and help us improve.

Something very important, be patient with your body’s response, it is not always replenished as quickly as we want, but we must not press and let everything take its time, at some point everything will be fine again.

And think that there are many people who have gone through a similar process and today we are healthy and alive and you will do it too, one day you can say I’M CANCER FREE.