“I go to a club to dance. Nothing else” – Liberation

Headphones are you listening?

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This principal dancer of the Paris Opera shines in In Body Cédric Klapisch’s latest film which recounts the conversion of a dancer, from classical to contemporary, following an injury. A resonance with the journey of the young woman who is equally at ease in both environments. A rarity.

What was the first record you bought as a teenager with your own money?

Very often on Sunday evenings I went to listen to the latest releases at Virgin sur les Champs with my father and I remember having a crush on Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer ? of Montreal which I ended up buying with my money.

Your favorite way to listen to music, MP3, car radio, CD player, vinyl…?

My laptop on which I listen to Spotify…

The last record you bought and in what format?

The Vox Low vinyl album.

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

In the shower, in the car, in a dance studio…

Do you listen to music while working? What type of music ?

When I warm up, I improvise. So many different things depending on my mood, the soaring trip-hop of Tomaga or Nils Frahm, of Jimi Hend…