“I had a hard time talking about it”: Celine Dion’s sister opens up about the singer’s condition

Celine Dion announced in December that she had a rare neurological disorder that forced her to cancel her tour. For the first time, her sister Claudette spoke about the state of health of the singer.

Claudette Dion is not one to rub shoulders with the media. Discreet woman and especially on her sister, Céline, she spoke for the first time this January 30 in the Montreal Journal.

She obviously mentioned her sister, who suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Stiffperson syndrome, which causes Celine Dion to have muscle spasms and forced her to cancel her tour once again. “I didn’t want to do the online ‘bawling’ show”says Claudette Dion. “I had a lot of calls but I turned off my phone because I had trouble talking about it”she continues to justify her silence.

A month and a half after the official announcement to her fans that Celine Dion, her sister comments on the state of health. “She did it with aplomb. I know she held back, it wasn’t in crisis, in tears in distress”she notes. “She explained what it was. But I trust that life will give back to her what she gave. Because she is an extremely intelligent, extremely generous, talented girl. And in love with life too. […] The best I can do is throw positives. I truly believe in the power of love. I wish him the best of luck, that’s for sure. “

Today, Claudette Dion assures her: “She is surrounded by specialists”. Something to reassure the fans but also the family, who obviously have confidence in their strength. “Since the age of 12 that she has been working, this child…”resumes Claudette. “She didn’t really have adolescence. She always worked. She always gave herself. It’s a choice. She was not pitiful. But at the same time, to have given so much and to be able to enjoy the rest of your life with your aging children…”

For her sister, Celine Dion will obviously go back on stage one day. The reverse is simply not possible. “I’m not able to imagine it the same way. She’s so in her place”she points out. “Rather than crying over her fate, I try to send her positive vibes and ensure that one day she will take the stage.” Hopefully the airwaves will be enough.