‘I had to explain it sooner or later’

Which, firstIt looked like an interview youtuber with the mother of Yeremi Vargas -a child who disappeared in the Canary Islands 15 years ago-, Ithaisa Suárez, has led to a barrage of criticism against two popular Spanish content creators. It is about Sara Biyín and her partner, too streamerAuron Play.

The popular streamer has been accused of past harassing the mother of the boy who disappeared more than a decade ago. In the interview with the youtuber Axel Blaze 16, Suárez pointed out that the alleged harassment lasted weeks, in 2013. Biyín has defended himself against criticism, and later he has performed live with Auron Play to clarify doubts.

“It is a lady who accuses me of things that, I don’t know, one of two things: either she is making a mistake or someone is paying her. There comes a point that I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I want to think that this person is getting confused. I am many things in this life but assholes and dumb, no,” Biyín said in a video.

“I know what I’ve done in my life, I have proof and that’s why I’m absolutely calm. But, of course, when public figures are accused… the normal thing anyone would do is go and report it,” added the streamer Spanish.

In this sense, Biyín hinted that she understands the suffering of Vargas’ mother, but that the accusations affect her and she cannot remain silent: “The person who says these things in the video, which are totally false and I have 100 a thousand proofs that support it, he is a person who has suffered a lot because of others and has a very difficult situation and I don’t want to screw up his life anymore. But it does not mean that I have to remain silent and have to put up with how they defame themselves.” .

Auron Play, live with Bijín

On the other hand, Auron Play has also broadcast a live broadcast together with Biyín in which he has explained that it was all a misunderstanding many years ago, but has remarked that there was no harassment or insults.

“They have put me on the plate in a very free way. But what the hell am I going to harass this lady or any other? Are we completely crazy?” AuronPlay wielded, after closing ranks with Biyín. “You have spoken very well and you have said things as they are. You know how this is going, tomorrow they will cancel Ibai, another day to another …”, he reflected.

Criticism for alleged tweets with Nazi content

The accusations of Vargas’s mother have not been the only controversy that has plagued Biyín and Auron Play. In the last few hours, alleged old publications of the former with black humor jokes that would contain pretexts of a pro-Nazi or racist nature have surfaced.

Both have defended themselves by claiming that “we used a Nazi as a meme”, emphasizing that it was humorous content. Bijín herself has recognized that “I had to give these explanations sooner or later, that it was about my tweets, the subject of Nazi memes, all this stuff, I had to explain it sooner or later and yes, today has arrived” .