“I had to fight against this disease”

A life turned upside down, a daily fight against illness and looking to the future. Today, Jennifer Duret Gonnot, 38 and originally from Toulon-sur-Arroux, projects herself and talks about her projects with enthusiasm.

“Everything collapsed around me”

“I had to fight,” she says. Ten years ago, the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, shortly after giving birth, fell following an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination. In the collective unconscious, this pathology is associated with a dark image, that of patients in wheelchairs. “Everything collapsed around me when I was told,” recalls Jennifer Duret Gonnot. Social isolation, dismissal for incapacity, unsuitable treatments, recurrent outbreaks of the disease which manifest themselves in exacerbated symptoms are all tests that the young woman had to overcome for several months.

The importance of sports

“A push is a lot…