“I have to paint Naples white”, the words of the leader of the ‘independent’ narcos

This morning a narcos organization that wanted to be independent of the Camorra clans was vanquished. The investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples led the Flying Squad to arrest 15 people. The precautionary custody order was issued by the GIP of the Court of Naples at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate. Serious indications of crimes concerning the association aimed at drug trafficking with the aggravating circumstance of transnationality and of being the same army, of illegal possession of firearms and drug dealing, were found against the suspects.


The restrictive measure adopted after a complex investigation started in June 2017 following the seizure of 25 kg of cocaine. There white powder hidden in a cargo of imported coffee from Brazil and arrived in the Port of Naples in a container. The investigations ascertained the existence of a criminal association, capable of organizing and managing channels for the purchase of cocaine from Brazil, from Peru and from Spain. It also took care of the subsequent distribution of drugs, wholesale and retail, in the Neapolitan territory.


The investigations made it possible to identify the different methods of importing cocaine, used by the criminal organization to illicitly introduce cocaine into the territory of the State. Arrested some couriers who transported cocaine in the form of eggs, ingested in the countries of origin, before arriving in Italy aboard airliners. Other subjects ended up in handcuffs while carrying the drug, in the form of blocks hidden inside luggage and suitcases equipped with special hiding places for concealing the load.


At the center of the investigation against the narcos is the leader Vincenzo Criscuolo, born in Naples in 1981, who repeated to his ‘men’: “I have to paint Naples white“. The group was made up of few members and wanted to be independent from the Camorra clans.

Antonio Criscuolo born in Naples in 1995. Vittorio Cuzzanini born in Naples in 1995. Lino Cunzi born in Naples in 1993. Antonio Izzo born in Marano di Napoli in 1971. Salvatore Stampa born in Naples in 1987. Ciro Panaro born in Naples in 1997. Emilio Romano born in Naples in 1966. Luzia Kurani Bonilla born in Brazil in 1963. Maithe Lizeth Bonilla Ararat nata a Cali in 1979.

Simone Bartiromo born in Naples in 1991. Roberto Merolla, aka bomber, born in Naples in 1963. Alessandro Canfora born in Naples in 1991. Sabrina La Cava born in Naples in 1990. Francesco Esposito, aka Frank, born in Naples in 1978. Alfredo Tarantino born in Naples in 1964. Ivan Rizzo born in Naples in 1976. Raffaele Appointed born in Naples in 1980. Luigi Maturo born in Naples in 1967. Antonietta Zarlengo born in Naples in 1967. Maria De Gais born in Naples in 1980. Giuseppe Limongello born in Naples in 1990. Mario Moschella Esposito born in Naples in 1992.


Finally, the Flying Squad seized a narcos laboratory a Marano where cocaine was extracted from clothing. In order to evade customs controls, the garments were soaked in liquid cocaine in laboratories set up in Peru. Once in Italy, they treated garments with particular procedures that made it possible to obtain cocaine powder again. Only then was the drug ready to be placed on the market, therefore, it was subsequently distributed wholesale to traffickers who operated in the Rione Traiano, in Secondigliano and in the Spanish Quarters.

The organization of narcos, led by Criscuolo, in addition to imports, it also dealt with the retail sale of part of the imported cocaine. Activity carried out through the sale to retail buyers in a shop square in Salita Capodimonte, where arrests and kidnappings were triggered. Documented how the association in question had firearms in its availability. Over 44 kg of cocaine and 215 kg of hashish were seized during the investigation.