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I helped Babiš win the election, says the biggest sponsor of Šlacht’s Oath

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The ILV company from Příchovice in the Plzeň region, which deals with the production of electronics, has already contributed three million crowns to the Přísaha movement of the former head of the ÚOOZ, Robert Šlachta, ie the maximum that one entity can donate to a political party.

The founder and owner of ILV, Miloš Fürst, is not a newcomer behind the scenes of politics. In the past, he discussed the candidacy for the Senate for the Private Party, and after the YES movement took office in 2014, he began advising the then Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš.

He also brought to the ANO movement a Pilsen businessman and the then head of the local chamber of commerce, Miloslav Zeman, who participated in the movement’s program and in 2016 was the leader of ANO in the winning regional elections. Today, Zeman is an advisor to the Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová in the area of ​​smart cities.

“I won the elections for Babiš in Pilsen. He wanted a tip from me for a person who is respected, reliable, honest and credible. I advised Mile Zeman, “entrepreneur and sponsor Miloš Fürst told the E15 daily. Zeman confirmed that it was Fürst who connected him years ago with Babiš and the regional chairman of the ANO movement, Jan Volný.

In the past, Fürst even visited Babiš at the Ministry of Finance and advised him on politics. Later, however, he did not agree with the head of the YES movement. “When a part of the company burned down in 2016, he promised to help me. I talked to him about it in person. But then he said that he could do nothing for me, “says Fürst.

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Today he is disappointed with Babiš’s rule. “I thought that would change with Babiš. It has really changed, but for the worse, “he said. Rumors that the Oath, which he now supports, is a kind of “YES movement”, he said is nonsense.

Fürst and Šlachta met in January this year. “Mr. Fürst joined us after we set it up and gave us that amount, saying he didn’t want anything in return, that we were the last person he trusted. He said that he used to support Andrej Babiš, “said Robert Šlachta.

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Fürst trusts the oath to such an extent that he hung the headquarters of his factory in Příchovice with a Šlacht billboard and affixed stickers of the movement to his company cars. Šlacht’s posters are also visible on arrival from Pilsen in front of neighboring Přeštice. “I just believe it, it’s a hope for me,” explains Fürst.

Before contributing to Šlacht, Fürst examined, according to his words, whether they had the same views, ie maintaining the crown, a critical attitude towards the European Union or stopping migration to Europe. “In the referendum on joining the EU, I voted against, because I already assumed at that time what would happen, that is, that we would become mere slaves of Western countries,” says a former emigrant to West Germany, who returned to the Czech Republic in the 1990s. He is said not to go into politics himself.

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