“I hid this for a long time”: famous designer shows how bad …

©  Instagram Olivier Rousteing

French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing, the boss of fashion house Balmain, has revealed that he was seriously burned in an explosion at his home in Paris last year.

Rousteing, 36, shared photos of himself on Instagram on Sunday, dressed in bandages, with visible burns on the face. It was exactly one year ago that a fireplace in Rousteing’s house exploded, but the fashion designer had kept the news a secret until Sunday. “I’m finally ready to share this,” Rousteing wrote. “I’ve been hiding this for far too long, and it’s time you knew this. A year ago, a fireplace exploded in my house. I woke up the next morning in the hospital. The talented staff, who had to take care of an incredible number of corona cases, took great care of me. I cannot thank them enough.”

“I did everything I could to keep this story a secret from as many people as possible,” Rousteing continued. “Honestly, I’m not sure why I was so ashamed. Maybe it was the obsession with perfection that the fashion world is so famous for, or it was my own insecurities. To forget it, I worked day and night on my collections during my recovery, trying to make the world dream. At the same time, I hid my scars behind masks, turtlenecks, long sleeves and even lots of rings during interviews or photo shoots.”

“I now realize the power of social media: to reveal only about yourself what you want to show. Which makes us all tell a story in which we avoid what we don’t want to see or show. But a year later – healed, happy and healthy – I realize how blessed I am. I feel so free, so good, and so happy. I am starting a new chapter today with a smile on my face and a heart full of gratitude.”

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