“I hide it everywhere” – Patrik Zdroba thinks his middle name is very bad

His grandmother and the clerk dreamed it up for him together.

Crush Patrick last week got it the first music prize of his life, the Zambo Jimmy Memorial award. The singer happily received his award, but on the certificate attached to the award he was praised as Zdrobra Petrik, and the mistake was Breakfast presenters as well mentioned ma.

The X-Factor his former competitor said that Zambo with Marietta they are in very good condition, and the latter used to call him either Mr. Artist or Petrik, which could have been the reason for the typo. In relation to the topic, the singer revealed that he has a second first name, but he has not advertised it so far.

I have a middle name, imagine that, it’s really bad. Angelus. I got it from my grandmother because they said I looked like a little angel when I was born. The story is said to be that the clerk – or I don’t know who used to approve the names – invented that angel is angel in English. That’s why he became Angelus, but I hide it everywhere

he explained in the show.

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2023-06-02 12:44:00