A man wearing a shoulder strap with the colors of the Spanish flag has been injured, in a mild manner, after being pushed by the stairs of the Urquinaona subway station, in Barcelona, ​​by a person who has not been identified.

The incident occurred at the end of the demonstration convened by the Jusapol police and police association on the Via Laietana in Barcelona and the concentration of opposite sign convened by the CDR, both located near the metro stop of Jusapol, Urquinaona.

On-site testimonials have explained that the injured person was pushed by a person when he lowered the subway scales, and that there had been no discussion among them.

Police shield to prevent the demonstration of the CDR and the Jusapol union from being found

The Guardia Urbana has opened diligences about the facts, although the investigation is carried out by the Mossos d'Esquadra. According to the Emergency Medical System (SEM), the man has fallen down the subway stairs and has suffered minor injuries, including the head, of which he has been treated by medical personnel at the same place as the accident, without needing to be transferred to a health center.


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