“I lived the most bitter”: Celia Lora reveals why she did not attend the final of “La Casa de los Famosos”

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Celia Lora, Due to his personality, he is a very controversial celebrity figure and is classified as a Mexican sex appel, which is why the producers of “The House of the Famous” They decided to open the doors of the reality show for her, as she assures that she “has never done a casting in her life.”

Recently the reality show on Telemundo, where Alex Lora’s daughter participated, came to an end, and the winner was Alicia Machado, a participant with whom the model had very passionate moments inside the house, from fights to kisses from the Venezuelan.

Given this, the YouTube program, “Chisme No Like” decided to interview Celia Lora, who did not attend the final, hence she did not congratulate the former Miss Universe.

In the conversation with Javier Cerani and Elisa Beristain, the Playboy model revealed which was the most difficult moment that she had to live in “La Casa de los Famosos”: “Entering, entering was the most bitter thing I ever experienced “said the adult content creator.

Look, I don’t regret anything, but it was a big mistake of my life to have been in that place, Well, today the news of someone who is singing Las Mañanitas and is a trend in social networks makes me laugh, “added Celia Lora, making fun of her ex-partner in the reality show, Pablo Montero which was criticized for singing to Nicolas Maduro In his birthday.

Celia Lora and Alicia Machado kissed inside “La Casa de los Famosos”


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