“I miss you so much”: Nikola Lozina away from his son, he shares his sadness with unpublished photos

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Since he separated from his wife, Laura Lempika, Nikola Lozina, returned to Belgium, has seen less of his two-year-old son Zlatan who has remained in Dubai. A blow for this very protective father who shares his sadness on his Snapchat account.

Nobody expected it! After the breakup of Martika and Umberto or even Tiffany Cruchou and Justin (Married at first sight), it was Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika who took everyone by surprise. Indeed, the famous W9 couple announced his separation on social networksafter marrying to much fanfare on August 26, 2022.”After five years of living together, and sincere, authentic love, we decided with Laura to separate by mutual agreement. We will remain a couple of parents for our wonderful son […] Most important today for Laura and I is the well-being of our son and we continue to get along well and respect each other first for Zlatanbut also because Laura is the mother of my son and I will respect her forever“wrote the Lord on January 5.

For her part, the best friend of Manon Tanti has decided to move away from the networks a little to devote herself to her new life as a mother and a single woman. But she is never very far there since she had uttered a rant worthy of the name: “And where I don’t agree with you is thatDon’t judge each other’s situation too much. because tomorrow you don’t know where you will be. It can happen to anyone. In terms of ease, everyone thinks what they want. For me, staying in a relationship all because we’re married when we’re not happy, I call that easy too…“. A sharp comment launched after being criticized on her divorce deemed too premature.

Nikola Lozina misses his son, he makes it known!

This separation has therefore left no one indifferent, neither the main interested parties, nor Internet users, who are also attacking Nikola Lozina, who left quickly for Belgium for personal reasons and therefore, accused of abandoning his son. A complicated situation which forced the latter to dot the i’s. “I will never abandon my son, I will give my life for him. I am precisely in Belgium to ensure its future and build something solid for it. TV will not last twenty years (…) You make me sick…“.

Still in Belgium since this rupture, the leading candidate of the Marseillais VS the rest of the world again expressed his sadness on his Snapchat account. Indeed, this Friday, January 27, 2023, after weeks without seeing her little boy who stayed in Dubaihe posted two adorable photos of the latter, with the following messages: “I miss you so much, daddy is coming back soonet “Dad is coming back next week to give you some little pasta Bolognese“. The ex of Jessica Thivenin thus proves once again that the distance which separates him from Zlatan is terrible…

© Snapchat Nikola Lozina
© Snapchat Nikola Lozina

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