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«I missed the live»


After five years of lethargy, La 2 recovers this Thursday night, after 23:00 hours, a program that has lived each season with a different name and, at least, a change between its presenters. 'Torres y Reyes' started the format in 2013, followed by 'Alaska and Coronas' in 2014, and 'Alaska and Segura' in 2015. Now, the space arrives renamed 'Sánchez and Carbonell' and conducted by Pablo Carbonell and by Elena S. Sánchez (Ávila, 40 years old). They debut with a tribute to José María Íñigo and with guests such as the violinist Ara Malikian or the writer Juan Gómez-Jurado.

– How do you deal with this new format?

– With great enthusiasm, and for several reasons. First, because I love it and it motivates me a lot to present a program with Carbonell. I think he is an uncle with talent, speed, with a world of his own and a lot of personality. That appeals to me, although it is also a challenge to live up to everything he proposes. And then, because I love live television. It is what I have missed in the last few years.

– It is quite different from everything you have done before.

– One of the most beautiful things about TVE, which is my home, where I have grown professionally and where I feel, is that it has always presented me with very different challenges. I have done informative, cultural programs, I have presented 'Heart', the Eurovision galas, I have given the points too, I do the Sanfermines. And the possibility now to do a program with a cultural theme, which is what interests me most, and with such a partner. Unpredictable, is another gift.

– It covers many disciplines, but cinema has always been his favorite, right?

– Yes. Cinema is what I like most in general. Although also the theater – I live a lot – and music. This program brings all that together. We are going to have a stable theater company, La Joven, and that gives it a lot of dynamism. We are also going to have a microtheatre, now that it takes so much, live music, that there are fewer and fewer programs that do so, although La 2 is one of the chains that bet on it. Oh, and humor will be very present. The good thing is that, although Carbonell and I rehearse things, then something different comes out every time.

– What news can viewers expect?

– There are several things, but we do not want to reveal them even in the first program. Yes I can say that at twelve o'clock at night every day something will happen. At 'twelve o'clock', as we call it, something special will happen, and we will celebrate it in some way.

«Television without network»

– Alaska and Santiago Segura return to this first program.

– We know that there are adherents of the previous edition and we wanted Alaska and Segura to give us the witness. We believe that they are two people with immense talent, SUVs, who handle any stage very well, and we thought it would be good to have them at the beginning of this new stage. Also, in 'The Crystal Ball' were Carbonell and Alaska, so surely funny anecdotes come out.

– Will the tributes be habitual?

– We have referents of the popular culture that we want to be present, and there will be programs that will be dedicated to personalities that have marked the culture of this country. Let's try to make everyone have a common thread. This is titled 'Directísimo', and we pay homage to live television, without trap or cardboard, television without network. Whatever happens, happened. The second will have to do with the Goya, because it will be broadcast before the gala, so both the guests and the musical performances are going to have to do with this event.

– Who would especially like to have as a guest?

– To many people. For the next one I would like Antonio Banderas, of course, but as I would also love to have Rafa Nadal. Even if it has a cultural profile, any character that we think has crumbs and that, even if it is very bad, we can get him out of his comfort sphere would be great. Some politician might even come to discover that side we don't know.

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