Health I moved: Emotional appeals encourage doctors more than facts...

I moved: Emotional appeals encourage doctors more than facts and figures


When it comes to marketing, doctors are not rational by doctors. A new study from Wunderman Thompson Health found that it is more likely that doctors will receive emotional appeals over re-recorded data points in advertising.

Researchers surveyed 500 doctors, using osteoporosis screening as a test case. The researchers first decided why doctors prescribed the tests and distilled the top four reasons – only one of these was the advantage of the test.

The other three were based on feelings. Doctors felt proud of helping patients, having concerns about their welfare or having confidence in their personal clinical experience beyond the reasonable guidelines.

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Wunderman created four false announcements to appeal to all stimuli, and then proved that he works with the same doctors. The results? More than half (56%) were encouraged to take action according to the rational fact. But when the matter made more emotions, the inclination of doctors to act increased by 23%.

The agency then personalized the mixture, increasing doctors' willingness to order testing with a similar margin of 21%.

The best results came when the agency put together a personalized approach. Of the doctors in the study who saw an emotionally personalized appeal of their own motivation, three-quarters said they would follow tests that confirm tests for women starting at age 60. That's a 34% increase in the likelihood of it acting.

There is no intention that healthcare marketing will depend greatly on the rationale. “What this study revealed is that we need to reflect on how we are dealing with these physicians to change the behaviors needed to drive patient outcomes,” said Nichole Davies, chief strategy officer. by Wunderman Thompson Health.

Being able to deliver “personalized communication that expresses different behavioral feelings or beliefs and is very effective in doing so is a deep learning for us”, she said.

This is the third annual look at the agency's “health inertia” – when people know how and why they make the right health decisions, but there's no. The two previous studies focused on patient behaviors, and this year's version looked at doctors and how marketers can encourage them better.

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The Wunderman report also hindered the causes of pharmaceuticals in health inertia, including regulatory issues, costs and branding. Destry Sulkes, the agency's chief experience officer and doctor, said that marketers must address the less significant barriers to adapting to the transition market.

“The main outcome was that personalized and emotional ways are more intelligent to market, and finding ways to put both things together has a better impact on you,” adds Sulkes, adding, “ We are just trying to market doctors in the modern advertising era, which means that the best brand advertising going on outside healthcare is very personalized for us all. To be doing so with doctors it is going behind the eight ball. ”

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