“I realized that I was no longer risking”

By taking the decision to leave the animation of the famous morning show Salut Bonjour, Gino Chouinard launches a little into the void.

It is however a choice that he felt necessary, he explains in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

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“I want to stimulate my desire to try things,” he explains. I realized that I no longer risked, that I no longer dared. I was afraid of risk, which even led me to write a conference on my journey linked to the fear we have of failing in life.

It was while working on this conference that he made the decision to leave the morning show.

“Failures, I had plenty of them in my life, and they paved the way for what I have today at Salut Bonjour, he continues. It was the process of revisiting all of that that made me want to dive back into something I don’t know yet.”

Mr. Chouinard also explains that he feels the accumulation of mental weight related to the pace of work required for the position of host of a morning show.

“There are time constraints related to sleeping at eight o’clock in the evening, waking up at three in the morning,” he said. But there is also a kind of mental fatigue linked to being live every day and always in the process of wondering what to do the next day.

He considers himself lucky to have been at the helm of Salut Bonjour for so long.

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“In attending the infancy of Salut Bonjour as a spectator, I had never dreamed of hosting a show like this in the morning, especially not for so long, he admits. It’s extraordinary, but it’s time for me to try something else and take on other challenges.”

While waiting for his departure, Gino Chouinard intends to savor the moments he has left at the helm of the show.

“The good news is that it’s not over. I still have a year and a half to enjoy these moments with my team and with the viewers too. »