I really wanted the title. I think everyone wants it, regretty Stybar

Josef Vostárek, ČTK

“I really wanted the title and I think everyone wants it, everyone wants to drive the jersey. I did my best for it. Adam surprised me in that spurt that he rode it for so long. He took advantage of the fact that it slipped, but he rode spurt really great, so he absolutely deserves the title. The form was good, I lost in the spurt, that’s just the way it is, “Štybar told reporters.

Ťoupalík held on to his rear wheel before the decisive start. “I knew about him, I saw him there, I knew he was waiting. I didn’t expect him to go on such a long spurt, but that he would go somewhere on a two hundred. Maybe I relied on it a bit because I was in second place. “I slowed him down slightly and wanted him to go in front of me and drive a spurt from the top, but he started it before me. When I saw that he got on, I went right after him, but we stayed the same way,” described Štybar. .

Ťoupalík and Machačová won the road races at the Czech championships

As he had previously admitted, after previous championships, he was sometimes a little upset about the tactics of the Elkov-Kasper team, when he did not participate much in the work at the head of the race. Not this time. “I don’t think there’s really a reason this year. We raced, we made the race hard and it was a great training. I knew that if we stayed there like that at four or five, Adam would be the biggest rival to the spurt. That if he “That’s how it started, it will be fifty to fifty,” Stybar reminded.

“When we were there at the end with six boys from Elkov, it was a bit more difficult, but we also left them a little work to do something on their own. Sometimes they got here and there and we had to go down there. Then there and there. it turned out so perfectly for them again, because if I had started at that moment before, I probably wouldn’t have won the spurt anyway. But I think it was a nice race, “added Štybar.

He sincerely congratulated Ťoupalík before announcing the winners. “I just told him that he rode a great spurt, that he surprised me, that he rode for such a long time, that I didn’t expect it at all. I congratulated him that he deserved the title,” Stybar said. Like him, Ťoupalík used to shine mainly among cyclocross riders. “It looks like the cyclocross riders will rule the road now. I’ll probably have to ride more cross country,” Stybar laughed.

Zdeněk Štybar in Deceuninck Quick Step’s jersey.

During each of his attacks, he received a stormy response from the fans. “I enjoyed it. Maybe it was a better atmosphere than the Tour de France, it was great. There were quite a few spectators. And the fact that the races we went to were without spectators, it was really nice that there were those there were so many fans. “

With the start of the upcoming Tour de France, he remained cautious. “I have to take tests tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so if I didn’t catch the covid here, maybe it could turn out well. But until I’m at the start, we always have to take it fifty to fifty,” said Stybar.

However, he did not find the first free date for the test on the Internet at the General University Hospital until Thursday. “Maybe I can somehow arrange for me to take the test tomorrow or Monday. This morning it occurred to me that the last test was negative, but the ASO (Tour organizer) is pushing for everything to be under control, so the team wrote to me today, that I have to go for another one, “said Stybar.

The last one should take place in Nice before the start of the 107th year of the “Old Ladies”. His team did not forbid him from participating in Mladá Boleslav. The 34-year-old Deceuninck-QuickStep rider admitted that he was quite hesitant. “I know that not enough people have been tested here and in the bubble we have been in so far, they have all been tested, so I took some risk. But everywhere I was among the people, there were veils, I was careful,” Stybar assured.



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