“I spent 22 years of my life in prison”

His nickname of “little Mustapha”, he owes it to his precocity when he cut his teeth in the world of crime and delinquency in Brussels in the 90s… The “little Mustapha” committed his first bag snatching the age of 10, the rape of one of his classmates in the home where he was placed at 10, his first stabbing at 12. It was also at the age of 12 that he made his first stay in prison: it was possible at the time…

As a child, he ran away from all the IPPJ (Editor’s note: Public institutions for the protection of young people) in the country. As an adult, he visited all the prisons of the Kingdom, sentenced for theft with violence, kidnapping, carjacking, etc. “I spent 22 years of my life in prison,” he said in court, “I don’t have the codes for life on the outside. »

>> The forties was intercepted after a chase, at more than 160 km / h…

>> Regarding the 11 robberies, Mustapha Riffi confesses: “I was released without follow-up”