I still want more ...

Now that we know better the inhuman impulses of the crazy reason, I still want more the beating of our old heart.

Now that the infamous general Franco revives ashes as a monstrous and eternal death, I still wish to revive the legacy of all the forgotten Republican deaths on the vaults of history.

Now that the temptation of a revisionist story has become a continuous present of fake news, I still want more journalism with memory.

Now that the omnipresent Spanish cave supposes a vulgar pride, I still want more the landscape of a modern and mestizo Catalonia.

Now that the dream of a free, worshiped, and widespread country becomes more expensive in front of the Leviathan justicier, I still want more to believe that we will win in an undefeated war.

Now that rage and helplessness hold us and sadden us, I still wish to let myself be carried away by the calm force of the calm and optimistic of spirit.

Now that freedom comes back to life between gates, I still desire more the force of the will that opens the immortal ideals.

Now that ideologies have lost their primordial moral force, I still want more humble impure beliefs.

Now that utilitarianism and hedonism make us weaker and vulnerable, I still want more the utopia of generosity.

Now that the corrupt ones begin to be hunted, I still want more good government to forge our nepotisms and other family predator temptations.

Now that the nihilistic conservative counter-revolution is intensifying, I still want more equality, freedom and revolutionary fraternity.

Now that we have more and more people who have no home, no work or anything next to home, I still want more the big house of equal opportunities.

Now that our perplexities take a desolate sadness, I still wish more the joy of those who come out of nowhere.

Now that we are increasingly experiencing borrowed and fragmented images, I still want to continue to seduce my own words and others, chained.

Now that I know that I will never do poetry, I still want to read more, find and sing everywhere.

Now that we again forget the refugees of misery and wars, I still want more than one day our children and daughters to be ashamed and rejoice.

Now that the children become adults, I still want to embrace them as children.

Now that women are going through, I still want to embrace their powerful freedom.

Now that so many underprivileged children are still dying, I still want more than the indifference of welfare to be transmitted in intolerance towards discomfort.

Now that the discomfort of the heavens punishes us with temporary inclement, I still want to feel more in communion and embrace the seductive goddess nature.

Now that the Earth shows symptoms of agony, I still wish more for the eternity of the seas and the heavens.

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