“I tell you frankly”, Marie-Anne Chazel released by Thierry Lhermitte, the actor in an uncomfortable situation!

Almost 30 years after the release of the film “An Indian in life”, it is with the greatest joy that Thierry Lhermitte finds Patrick Timsit in the film “Sexygenaire”. A feature film directed by Robin Sykes in which two friends decide to try a career as a senior supermodel to overcome their financial difficulties. An activity very far from the glamor evoked by the profession since the latter are quick to lend their features for advertisements such as stairlifts, dentures, glue for teeth and diapers for adults.

A comedy directed by Robin Skyes which will be released on June 14 in theaters. Thus, for the occasion, Thierry Lhermitte and Patrick Timsit were the guests of the show “C à vous” on Wednesday May 31, 2023. The opportunity for the two men to look back on their impressive respective careers, but above all to reveal crisp anecdotes on this subject!

The proof, the actor who made himself known with the troupe of Splendid in the 70s made it known that he had already refused to play a famous character in the cinema: that of Gaston Lagaffe. The famous cartoon character.

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“It fucks the chips”

” Long time ago, the director who did it Paul Boujenah with Marie-Anne Chazel… I chickened out I tell you frankly, it doesn’t matter, he’s a mythical character, today I don’t know if it is still, but 40 years ago it was huge,” he confided to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

A refusal that the actor does not seem to regret with hindsight: “It’s all to crash, besides the film did not stay much”he concluded.


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