“I think he was incredibly relaxed and fun and thoughtful. He just crushed it”

In a recent interview, Adam Sandler revealed his position on the jokes of Chris Rock hacia Will Smith.

Adam Sandler also gave his opinion on Chris Rock’s confrontation with Will Smith | Fuente: diffusion

Apparently things between Will Smith and Chris Rock They don’t have when to finish, since after the blow that the actor gave the comedian a year ago, now with the special of Netflix the situation becomes more tense.

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Now, Adam Sandler one of the best friends of Chris Rock also decided to comment on it with Will Smith.

The new confrontation between Chris Rock and Will Smith

As you know, Chris Rock had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Netflix to be able to carry out a special full of entertainment and jokes.

Chris Rock seized the opportunity and during the special made a series of jokes against Will Smithwhich linked to Jada Pinkett Smith and even his son Jaden Smith.

Inside the special, Chris Rock hinted that the wife of Will Smith he would have been unfaithful to the actor with one of his son’s friends Jaden Smith.

what i would have said Chris Rock about the wife of Will Smith would be the following: “His wife was fucking with his son’s friend.”

Adam Sandler weighed in on Will Smith and Chris Rock

In an interview recently, Adam Sandler surprised everyone by expressing his opinion for the first time on this controversy between Will Smith and one of his best friends Chris Rock.

In the interview they asked Adam Sandler if he considered that Chris Rock he had gone too far with the jokes about Will Smith and the actor replied: “I think he was incredibly relaxed and funny and thoughtful. He crushed it and was real to himself.”

In addition, Adam Sandler He did not want to go into many details about the meeting they had Chris Rock con Will Smith at the awards ceremony Oscar from last year.