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"I thought I did a comedy"

For ten years, the actor embodies in the cinema roles of handsome candid kids or lovers. With "Deux fils", his first feature film as a director, he reveals a more melancholy hue.

By Valentin Pérez Posted today at 11h06

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At 28, Félix Moati has signed his first feature film, "Deux fils".
At 28, Félix Moati has signed his first feature film, "Deux fils". Victor Moati

Je will be the greatest psychoanalyst in the world », affirms as an oath Joachim, one of the protagonists of Two sons, the first film of Félix Moati. Kid, he imagined rabbi, secret agent, war reporter, professor of philosophy … But shrink? Never. At 28, the director is talkative, and anxious in search of meaning that pulls dry on his cigarette. In short, a real couch squatter. "I am anxious," is the one who, because of the promotion of his film, feels guilty already to put a rabbit, an hour later, to his analyst – "An enervated Lacanian".

For ten years, we have seen the son of the journalist Serge Moati (and a magistrate at the Court of Accounts) make the actor into roles of handsome candid kids (LOL, Gaucho TV) or lovers who are transis (At three we go, Look for the woman). Far from his feature film, which betrays his torment. "I thought I did a comedy and, at the editing, I finally discovered the more melancholy tone of the film. I realized that I had staged characters who live with ghosts. "

Cinema and literature as religion

Either three modest broken arms. A father (Benoît Poelvoorde) who indulges in the fancy of a writer; an eldest son, aspiring psychoanalyst (Vincent Lacoste), to the sentimental sentimental life; a teenage cadet (Mathieu Capella) who seeks solace in Latin, the Bible or beer … "It's not really a story with dramaturgical twists, rather a chronicle where we follow the desires of each character. I wanted to extricate myself from this contemporary cult of the event at any price. I do not do BFM-TV. "

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In Two sons, we guess a missing uncle. And we do not see mother or girlfriend. The three heroes struggle to cry unappeasable women, with a great deal of first-rate lyricism. " Blue flower ? I am myself, assumes the young filmmaker. I hate cynicism, irony, perfidy. I wanted my characters to have the heroism of candor, to make great knights, even if it does not soothe them and they are above all heroes of emptiness. "

"To build a common narrative, religion could but I am an atheist, and the Republic seems to no longer succeed … It is the cinema that, for me, produces this miracle. "

A great reader and ex-khâgneux, Félix Moati likes to lose himself in his writings ("Hermetic but funny"), fond of Philip Roth, admires Dostoevsky. "I grew up in a family that sanctified literature. Balzac, Flaubert, Zola, Proust were put on a pedestal, which would have intimidated me to write novels. On the other hand, I have kept a taste for words, a care for dialogue. " The affected aftershocks he chisels seem to have been written for Poelvoorde, Lacoste and Capella. "Cinema is a place of brotherhood and fellowship, he rejoices. To build a common story, religion could but I am an atheist, and the Republic seems to no longer succeed … It is the cinema that, for me, produces this miracle. "

Already, he revives his obsessions to write a second feature film, without giving up playing for other directors. In addition to participation in Wes Anderson's next film, we will see in Resistance, from Jonathan Jakubowicz. He will play the brother of Mime Marceau, played by Jesse Eisenberg. " Have fun ! " encouraged him the American, yet known as the most introverted comedians on the other side of the Atlantic. Throughout the shoot, they had dinner together, sharing their fear of rising populism, their individual affections. "Beside him, I looked serene, Moati is having fun. He soothed me. " We are always more neurotic than ourselves.

Two sons Félix Moati, with Benoît Poelvoorde, Vincent Lacoste and Mathieu Capella. In theaters February 13th.

Valentine Perez

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