“I thought I was a beast”: Laura Tesoro and Lindsay kick off ‘Spartacus Run’ | showbiz

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A run with ten obstacles awaits the participants in ‘Spartacus Run’. “I assume my basic condition and have not prepared myself”, Laura Tesoro grins before her run. It doesn’t take long for her mood to change. “I thought I was a beast, but I am not at all”, she laughs between the tests.

Michel Wuyts provides the commentary from his cabin, Andy Peelman stands next to the course to encourage the participants. “I was amazed at the competitiveness of the participants. Many went really extremely deep to set the best time. Although some were especially hilarious,” says Andy.

The runs can be seen on VTM for four weeks from Monday to Thursday. Sean Dhondt & Ian Thomas, Francesco Planckaert & Christopher Timmerman and Sammy Mahdi and Ben Weyts will follow later this week.

‘Spartacus Run’ can be seen tonight at 9.50 pm on VTM.

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