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Although he admits that there was no time when he was announced that he would be the new director of Diablos, but that the change came by inertia and naturally, Tomy Carvajal (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1996) shows personality, tables and enough charisma to be an exceptional boss for the most tronic murga. Years ago the generational change was guaranteed in Diablos and the facts show that Tomy is overwhelming on stage. He needs to be the one to introduce the topics (“everything will go away”, he points out) and he has plenty of sincerity. The one he shows in this interview, the first one he grants after the final.

What feelings did the final leave you?

The vivid sensation was something that cannot be expressed in words. It was what every murguero wanted to achieve sometime.

Was it the best Diablos final since La Fasnia? On stage, were the sensations similar to those of that year?

For me yes and that the feeling surpassed those of La Fasnia, too. It was an incredible performance from top to bottom and I think it will be remembered for many years to come.

How much work is behind the second topic?

Well, there is a lot of work, since at first it is difficult to start a little and it was the first song of the four that we began to write and edit this year.

What do you think of the new dimension that the contest is taking? Do you think that now the show is awarded more than the lyrics?

Each murga has its style and plays its weapons, but it is true that this contest of murgas already has little …

When you came up for the awards, did you think you would win?

Honestly I did think so; We had a round night for 30 minutes, you saw that the audience from the beginning was already with you and in all social networks there was not a bad word about the performance we did.

In any case, you have once again shown that the prizes are secondary and the first thing you want is to have fun. Golden wedding … and silver booty. Happy with double seconds?

Well, you can imagine, after four years without being among the first three, taking this double with the sensation lived on stage, somehow it does taste like First.

Years ago Masi announced in an interview in ‘La Opinion’ that the replacement in the direction would be in this 2020, do you already have an idea of ​​what awaits Tomy Carvajal from now on?

You are right. I’m ready and eager, it’s something I like and I want to do it.

Before acting, together with the TIgaray group, they gave Masi a huge surprise, which has been accompanied by endless displays of affection. As a son (and new director, are you also excited about the tribute to your father?

The excited one was, I’m stronger for those things (laughs). But it is true that it was a tremendous joy that people behaved like this with him; it was his farewell and he deserved to go big.

Speaking of recognizing his father, hsta Primi dedicated the Bambones parade to Masi, were you expecting it?

It was a great detail on his part, one more demonstration of the great relationship and great affection that my father and him have.

Were you more nervous than other times? The only thing left to do is present the songs to the microphone …

Nervous you are in the phase that is where you are playing the work of six months of rehearsal. If I’m honest, once you are in the final, all you have to do is enjoy it and let what God wants come. Fortunately everything went perfectly. And … present the issues? There will be time, there is still a way to go.

Tell me about 2021, how will the division of tasks between Masi and Tomy be? Have you already been given advice?

The main one, let it be myself. But as he says, by 2021 I will assume full leadership regarding issues. Now, he will continue to be – and so our entry says – the great captain of this ship.

The only change this year has not been in the baton, also in the musical side. Is Acaymo Correa staying?

Well look, I knew him by sight and from “hello … hello, bye … bye”, because of my father more than anything. But it has been the greatest discovery of this 2020, musically for his work but above all as a person. And that’s the greatest there is.

Let’s go back to the result of the contest, did you think the final verdict was fair?

Look, what we wanted to do again this year was to please people and for them to see that the Crazy Devils weren’t dead, they were partying (laughs). And with so many positive comments after the final, I think we did it, so that’s the verdict.

Would you be excited that this Monday I gave them the Criticón?

Man … it would be the finishing touch!

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