I want it all!It is too humiliating to fall into the B-segment class after 5 years, and the giant intends to strengthen in the off-season – Free Sports

Japanese media reported today that the Giants intend to make a lot of reinforcements in the off-season. (taken from Giant’s official Twitter)

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]The Yomiuri Giants, the giants of the Japanese Central League, opened up and down this season, finishing fourth in the Central League, missing the playoffs, and falling into the B class again after 5 years. According to a report by the “Daily Modern”, the Giants will aggressively strengthen free agents in the postseason.

According to “Nikkan Hyundai”, Atsushi Otsuka, deputy representative of the Giants, said that in the new season, the team must not only excavate and cultivate, but also need to strengthen in order to win, and it must win next year. The Giants have stated a few days ago that the No. 1 pick in the draft is none other than Shogo Asano, a high school senior.

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The report also revealed that the Giants intend to reinforce a number of players in the free market. They investigated the US professional Rangers 3A pitchers including Hara Hanghei and Hanshin strong pitcher Nishi Yonghui, and the fielders include Matsuda Xuanhao, who recently retired from Softbank, and is currently playing for the US professional Blue Jays. 3A Tsutsuka Kachi and Seibu Qiang hit catcher Tomoya Mori.

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