“I was talking to Arsenal but Mourinho called me”

Tammy Abraham He gave a long interview to ‘Four Four Two’ in which he talked about his past, his present and his future. The center forward of the Roma focused on his march to the capital, on his splendid relationship with José Mourinho and Paulo Dybala. He also spoke of a possible return to Chelsea. Sus statements:

First he told how he signed for the Roma: «It was time to leave Chelsea and I was talking to different clubs in England and Europe. A certain club in London caught my eye, it was Arsenal. My father is a big fan of Arsenal, so i was very excited, everything was good. Then he called me José, I never usually answer numbers that I don’t have saved in my contacts: ‘Hi Tammy, I’m José’. And I was like, ‘Wow, what a surprise!’ He asked me how the family was. I knew him well because he had seen me at Chelsea when I was a kid. He asked me: ‘Are you ready to leave the bad weather behind and come to sunny Rome?’ I laughed, we talked some more, he explained the project and his ambitions. He had been in Rome for a short time, but he explained to me what he had seen and how he felt. I spoke to my agents and they told me that without a doubt, a perfect time to start a new life, go abroad and experience another culture. I was so ready and I haven’t looked back since. I asked Rudiger about it and Jorginho and they told me that Roma is a great club. I was watching Roma in the Champions League and an idea occurred to me, coming here was a crazy experience. The fans were also waiting for me at the airport. I took a private flight so they didn’t know what time I would land. The fans had been there since morning. It was crazy to get that reception.”

«If I will return to Chelsea? In football never say never. At the moment my attention is focused on Roma: we want to end the season in the best possible way. I still haven’t started to think about anything other than being here and doing my best. «I would not say that there are suspended subjects in England, I am not in a hurry. Soccer doesn’t take place, it can be anywhere. Maybe I’ll stay at Roma for the next ten years, or maybe not. Never knowing what’s around the corner.”

Abraham analyzed his relationship with Jose Mourinho: “No problem. When she talks, I always listen and follow her advice. He told me that he thought he wasn’t marking enough with his head, especially from the corners. The absurd thing is that two days later against Leicester, I scored with a header from a corner! I remember trying to figure out how he managed to make me do it. It was really crazy. He spoke about it two days before and then I scored with a header ».

Then he explained how he felt not being summoned to the world: «Southgate told me that I was in the wrong way at the wrong time, that it would be unfair to the other players. I expected so. It is more difficult for them to call you if you do not play in the Premier League, the Serie A matches are not shown in England. He wasn’t at a stage where he was confident, so he expected it. But of course it’s not nice to hear these things. I was still getting used to the changes and at first I didn’t and decided to focus on myself. If something went wrong, I was the first to blame others instead of sitting down and thinking about what I needed to improve. Sometimes if you see a player like me with his head down, without confidence, it also affects the confidence of the team. I had to react. I told myself ‘I’m an important player, my team should see me happy and confident’.

He also talked about Paulo Dybalacurrent star of Roma: «Every day we train together, we laugh a lot and this relationship pays off even in the game».

He talked about his relationship with Tomori: «Tomori is one of my best friends. He gave me a ring and told me that he knew that he was coming to Italy. He told me that the fans are passionate, that they love football here. I was ready. I said to myself: “This is the right time, I am the right age. I am ready to live a football experience in the world and I am not looking back. I’ve loved every moment up until today.”