I was the one who gave advice to Dhoni that day. Sehwag reveals about ball out time.

The ball out in the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup was one of the greatest moments in Indian cricket history. India’s first match of the tournament was against Pakistan. As both the teams finished with the same score in the match, the ball out was determined according to the rules of the day. Both teams will hit the stumps with 5 balls each. The team that hits the stumps with the most balls is the winner. India won the match thrillingly. Virender Sehwag, Robin Uthappa and Harbhajan Singh bowled for India.

Right after India won the ball out that day, Mahendra Singh Dhoni received a lot of praise. Many of Dhoni’s strategies paid off that day. But former Indian player Virender Sehwag has revealed that he was the one who gave necessary instructions to Dhoni in that ball out. Sehwag was the first bowler for India in the ball out that day. Sehwag hit the ball on the stumps without making a mistake. After Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Robin Uthappa bowled. When all three hit the stumps, the Pakistani players failed. Sehwag believes that the instructions given by him at this time have benefited India.

Sehwag said that he decided to bowl himself at the start of the ball out. Sehwag also said that he was confident that he would be able to hit the ball accurately on the stumps. Sehwag also gave a very important instruction to Dhoni that day. Sehwag’s instruction was not to give the ball to India’s bowlers. Sehwag clarified these things in his interview.

Anyway, this match in the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup marked the rise of the unforgettable captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It was without much hope that Dhoni assembled the young players and returned them to the 2007 Twenty20 World Cup. But after beating Pakistan in such a thrilling manner in the first match, India’s hopes rose. And India won the title by defeating Pakistan in the final match.