“I was very badly treated”, Donald Trump moves fiscally from New York to Florida

The president would have calculated that this place of residence would be more advantageous for him, while the White House refused to comment.

LUS President Donald Trump, considering himself “very badly treated” by his hometown of New York, announced that he would make Palm Beach, Florida his new tax residence.

“My family and I are going to make Palm Beach, Florida our primary place of residence,” the former businessman wrote on Twitter.

“I love New York, and New Yorkers, and always will be, but sadly, despite the millions I pay in city, local and state taxes each year, I have been very badly treated by elected officials of both the city and the state, ”he lamented.

“Few have been treated so badly,” he insisted.

According to the New York Times, Trump and his wife Melania have each notified the tax authorities in September that their main residence is now in Palm Beach (southeast).

The daily also cited an anonymous source believing that the president had calculated that this place of residence would be more advantageous for him, while the White House declined to comment.

In fact, outside the White House, the head of state has spent the most time since taking office in his Mar-a-Lago complex: 99 days, compared to 20 in his apartment in the Trump Tower, right in the heart of Manhattan.

Trump is unpopular in his hometown, which traditionally votes for his Democratic opponents. The Trump Tower is the site of regular protests, and local authorities have repeatedly stood up against its plans.

“Good riddance,” New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo responded on Twitter. “It’s not like @realDonaldTrump is paying their taxes here anyway. It’s yours, Florida ”.


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