‘I was yelling at the TV’

She herself was not there, but daughters Eugenie and Beatrice made their appearance at the various Jubilee celebrations. And mother dear Sarah Ferguson has plenty of companions from the couch in front of the TV, she shares in a radio show.

Proud mother

In The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose the Duchess of York proudly tells of her daughters. “Everyone looked a little… serious. And they (Beatrice and Eugenie, ed.) were laughing and really thanking their grandmother for the past seventy years,” explains the Ferguson out. “I was sitting in front of the TV of…’well done girlsyou laugh’. I haven’t gotten over how beautiful my daughters look yet. Wasn’t it wonderful when they went to the Jubilee Thanksgiving Service?” said the proud mother.

“There was Beatrice in blue and Eugenie in orange and they laughed, right. I was so grateful. I was yelling at the TV,” said the York lady.


Although Sarah and ex-husband Prince Andrew have not been together for a long time, the proud mother looks back on their joint upbringing of their two daughters. “As a parent, Andrew was much more into the Navy routine and was very disciplined. That’s how he’s always been,” said the duchess.

But she herself took a slightly different approach. “But then came the river – that’s what I call myself – and it brought that sense of humor and that fun and a little more that sense of freedom. And that’s how I’ve always been with the girls. So they have the best of both,” Sarah shares in the radio broadcast.


Plus, of course, there’s now a new generation of Yorkies around. Or yes, runs: there will not be much talk of that with little August and Sienna. “When I visit August, he always thinks I’m really funny. And Sienna, she really is incredible. She is only seven months old. I feel really, really, really, really lucky.The grandmother is clearly not happy with the grandkids.

“I love having a granny to be,” Sarah shares. “And for all the grandmothers out there: the title super granny belongs to me.” Clear!

Source: Hello! Magazine | Image: BrunoPress