“I went to a shrine visit in Japan”, POSCO Choi Jung-woo “It’s a temple…”

POSCO Chairman Jeong-woo Choi answers the question of a lawmaker at a hearing on industrial accidents of the Environmental Labor Committee held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul on the 22nd. Reporter Oh Jong-taek

At the Industrial Accident Hearing of the Environmental Labor Committee held at the National Assembly on the 22nd, opposition lawmakers screamed at the corporate representatives present as witnesses. In this process, even a query asking whether to visit the shrine was unrelated to the agenda.

In addition, Democratic Party Rep. Roh Ung-rae said, “I went to a shrine in Tokyo, is it okay to do this?”

The photo shows the back of Chairman Choi standing together in a religious facility in Japan.

Chairman Choi denied that he was not a gentleman. Rep. Roh stopped talking to Chairman Choi, who was trying to further explain, and asked again, “Do you admit to having gone?” In response, Chairman Choi replied, “I visited a temple where many Korean tourists visit during the break during the General Assembly of the World Steel Association in October 2018.” He continued, “If you look at the top of (photo), there is a temple,” he emphasized, saying, “It is not a shrine, it is a temple.”

Photo of POSCO Chairman Jeong-Woo Choi’s visit to Japan in 2018. The left is the original photo, and the right, which was deformed by pushing it up and down, is a photo released by Democrat Noh Woong-rae at a hearing on the 22nd. Provided by POSCO

As Chairman Choi said, the Chinese character’Sa (寺)’ can be seen in the upper right of the photo released by Rep. Roh. In addition, in the original photo released by POSCO after the hearing, it is also clearly seen that a piece of paper with the word’Namu Amitabha (南無阿弥陀仏)’ is attached to the altar in front of Chairman Choi.

The temple that Chairman Choi visited at that time was Jojo-ji, near Tokyo Tower, and is an old temple built in 1393.

Reporter Juhee Hong honghong@joonagng.co.kr


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