I will continue to get “tickets” given the current situation – letters to the editor Freiburg

To the report “No parking spaces without special permits” (BZ of May 11).

I, too, first became aware of the fact that I needed a “light-blue European disabled parking permit” in addition to my regular disabled person’s pass, which is always displayed behind the windshield, when I received the parking ticket in the parking lot of the university clinic. When I asked, the university clinic explained to me that they had “outsourced” the parking management of their parking spaces on the clinic grounds and were therefore not the right contact person for traffic tickets.

That started part two of the problem for me, though. On March 20, I submitted an informal application to the district office of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, traffic control and road administration, for a “European disabled parking permit”. I received a formal (!) application dated March 25, which I filled out and returned immediately.

Inquiries about the status (April 19/April 25) led to the succinct answer “I have forwarded your application to the expert. There is no answer yet.”

I don’t understand why, with a degree of disability (GdB) of 100 with the two marks “G” (handicapped) and “B” (accompanying person), an expert still has to examine the facts after my permanent severely disabled pass was issued with a Assessment of all diagnoses and so on has been carried out by the pension office.

I will continue to get “tickets” given the current situation.

Monika Eger, Sölden