I will find you even if I have to go through hell

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The only public manifestation known to date of the subject -he reserves his identity to preserve that of the victim- was in a message he posted on his Facebook profile on May 28, eight days after his wife took her own life after learning of the alleged sexual abuse suffered by his eldest daughter. Precisely, the writing is dedicated to the woman with whom he fell in love “with only 16 years”.

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“Accept your follies and live them by your side in the best way with the sole objective of raising children without the pain that we feel. Today no one can explain if what you did was cowardice or bravery, but I’m going to look for you wherever you are to have you by my side”, the subject stated. “Now you rest from this madness that is life. You will always be my great love and I will find you even if I have to go through the same hell“, he concluded.

The writing was deleted from the man’s Facebook profile on Friday morning.hours after he was arrested. It is worth noting that within the comments to the publication, several of them were criticizing the man for the complaint of sexual abuse. In addition, on the social network it can be seen that the suspect used to upload images with the family and several of them are from the 17-year-old teenager who reported the attack.

sexual abuse investigation

The prosecutor of Sexual Crimes Gustavo Stroppiana managed to gather a handful of evidence to request the capture of the 39-year-old man. On the one hand, approx. Five witnesses from the family environment testified in the case and confirmed that in one way or another they found out about the sexual assault that the adolescent would have suffered. A recording was also incorporated where the minor reproaches the man for the abuse and the latter denies it, and an audio that she would have sent to the girls’ maternal grandfather after the woman took her own life.

The authorities are working hard with their Spanish colleagues to ensure that the adolescent is transferred to Mendoza and testifies in the Gesell chamber. This will be the key test since not only will the complaint be ratified in great detail, but psychological tests will also be carried out to determine if the story is credible.

In parallel, the Justice of Zaragoza is investigating the death of the mother, although it will be a case that will end up filed if there are no surprises since there are no suspicions that a third person has intervened.

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Serious complaint

The case has as its protagonist a family made up of a woman, her three children, and the man with whom she formed a new couple years ago. With him she had two more children and in the middle of last February they decided to settle in Zaragoza, Spain, in search of a better future. Months passed when the situation exploded: the eldest of the five siblings, aged 17, reported having been sexually abused by her stepfather when she was between 10 and 12 years old. Days after, The complainant’s mother took her own life.

The suspect fled the European country and returned to Mendozaperhaps without knowing that the local authorities were already investigating the incident, which is why days later he was arrested.