“I will not do football fiction”

An update on the workforce before the reception of Angers this Saturday?

“It’s the same thing as last week with a few more sores and therefore uncertainties like Thomas Delaine and Dylan Bronn. But they are too numerous to list them all. Can we get them back for Saturday? I do not know. We will wait for the last training to make the decisions. As for Vincent Pajot, he is training normally but he is suspended. »

Does the success against Lyon (3-2) combined with the defeat of Saint-Étienne (4-2) on Wednesday give you hope?

“I haven’t changed my attitude since Sunday. My objective is to beat Angers and for the players to give pleasure to the public as they were able to do last Sunday. In other words, we will have to be able to repeat what we achieved against Lyon. The rest… What I know is that we will do everything to win, to give FC Metz a good image. It means being generous, being good defensively and as soon as you recover the ball, moving forward. »

Aren’t you afraid that your team will tense up again? Have you looked after that aspect of things this week?

“I don’t take care of anything at all, I train! We will show the players images of Angers this Friday. But I repeat, my message is simple: give a good image and show that we have our place in Ligue 1 even if we can’t do it… ”

On a personal level, how did you feel after winning against Lyon?

“Nothing… Not much. Frankly, not much. The season is too painful… and when you’re in the last two, there’s not really any pleasure. »

“We’ll see after Saturday’s game”

Did you expect that, two days from the end, FC Metz could still hope to grab the play-off spot?

“I’m not going to tell you what I expected. If you knew… I better not say it. Afterwards, remember the matches in Lorient (1-0)Montpellier (2-2)of the Clermont game (1-1) or from Brest (0-1). I don’t have much to add… Just remember. But we only retain the result, so there’s no need to dwell on it, to launch into analyses. Today, we are relegated. We’ll see after Saturday’s game what to do. But first, we have to win against Angers. I will not do fiction football. It was never my thing. I did a little this year and I regret it…”

That is to say ?

“At one point, I did some calculations and I thought that in April… But the calculations are useless if you are not good on the pitch. When we weren’t yet at the quarter of the season, I said that we had made a very bad start to the championship – which is weighing us down – and that perhaps the maintenance would be decided on the 38th day, at the 89th minute… That’s all, I don’t have to add. »

How was this week of training and what was the attitude of the players?

“Tuesday, when it resumed, it was very good. The next day, it was much less so and this Thursday it was good again. It was not good in the continuity of training. But overall, this year, I really didn’t have to complain: it’s a group that works well and has a good attitude, good behavior. »

What is your view on this Angers team which has already acquired its maintenance?

“They must be happy, good for them. They achieved their goal. »

You trusted young players (Lacroix, Mikelbrencis, Niakaté) last Sunday. How are you going to deal with possible feedback from some more experienced players?

“Like last week, I will make choices. Depending on current form, opponent, training week and last game. »

Can the remarkable entry into play of Farid Boulaya against Lyon upset the situation in the middle?

“Farid, we know him: he is capable of doing extraordinary things. He’s a talented player. Afterwards, we cannot say that he had a good season. Like the team. He works a lot on trust and he has my full confidence. He knows it. In training he is pretty good. At times you even see a very high level player. But there is also the competition and he had to face so many hazards that it is difficult to have a good season: he was about to leave, he had the Covid several times, he did the CAN, he was injured… “

Finally, regarding your future, have you met the present Serin again?

« Non. »