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I will tell you about the crime is a unique, often chilling program, broadcast on the Crime + Investigation Polsat channel. The first three seasons of the production, in which the most emotional crime stories are told, were very popular among viewers. It will probably be no different in the next season as well.

I will tell you about the crime in WP Pilot


I’ll tell you about the crime – what is this program about?

You haven’t seen a single episode of the show yet I’ll tell you about the crime? It’s worth getting to know its phenomenon and learn more about it before the next season hits the screens.

I’ll tell you about the crime is a documentary series in which the most outstanding Polish authors of novels tell about the crimes that happened in Poland. In each episode, the authors play the role of narrators and introduce the viewers to the details of selected criminal crimes. The program also shows reconstructions of events. The narrators describe the course of events based on reports, as well as court files, witness accounts and expert opinions.

In the latest, fourth season of the program, viewers will be able to both listen to the course of the shocking events, as well as watch productions presented by the best Polish actors.


Fans of this dark production will be able to watch such celebrities on the screen as: Olga Boładź, Robert Gonera, Piotr Głowacki, Magdalena Berus, Kamil Kula, Przemysław Bluszcz and Lesław Żurek. Thanks to the professionalism and realistic game of the actors, the ability to build tension by the narrators and unusual, dramatic images, every fan of crime movies will find themselves in their element.

What awaits us in the new season?

In the newest episodes we will follow the matters from years ago, incl. those to which the local branches of the X-Archive return. This is, for example, the story of the missing Angelika, which will be presented to us by Wojciech Chmielarz. The woman’s husband maintained that she had gone abroad. Her body was found in the basement of the tenement house where they lived (Lesław Żurek plays the main role in this episode). Katarzyna Grochola will present us the story of a woman (we will see Olga Boładź in the reconstruction), a victim of violence who killed her husband. In turn, Joanna Opiat-Bojarska will bring the viewers closer to the case of Zyta, who was found murdered 800 meters from her home (we will see Piotr Głowacki in the staging). Each of the six episodes of the fourth season I’ll tell you about the crime it is a return to the history that lived all of Poland.

WP Pilot Editors: Why did you take part in this project?


Wojciech Chmielarz: Because “I’ll tell you about the crime” is one of the most interesting and original productions in the true crime genre. And I’m not just talking about Polish television. In addition, it is appreciated by viewers, as evidenced by the fact that we are already doing the fourth season. For me, it is an opportunity to tell fascinating criminal cases and meet their heroes. And with all this, I am supported by a team of fantastic professionals.

WP Pilot’s editorial team: What was your participation in this production like?

Wojciech Chmielarz: We started with a joint selection of the case that I should now deal with. Thanks to the producers, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the files of the investigation. Find out what happened there step by step. Then it is time to record a program in which he acts as the narrator. However, the most interesting and difficult part of my job is always interviewing the people who were the heroes of the story. In this episode it is min. a policeman from the Pomeranian “X Archives” who “figured out” this case.

WP Pilot’s editorial team: Do you plan to publish a book based on the story told in this episode?


Wojciech Chmielarz: It is a custom that simultaneously with the premiere of the program, a collection of short stories with stories based on the issues we told about is published. The previous parts are now available for purchase, and the next ones will hit the bookshelves soon.

WP Pilot’s editorial office: What touched you the most in this story?

Wojciech Chmielarz: Many things. The tragic story of the victim. The perpetrator’s insolence. And the fact that the victim’s daughter did not know what happened to her mother for many years. She was convinced that she had been abandoned. It is truly incredible how much evil has been done here, and I’m not just talking about the murder itself. But also amazing is the family’s determination to find out the truth. And they finally succeeded.

WP Pilot’s editorial team: What do you think is the message of the entire series I’ll tell you about the crime?


Wojciech Chmielarz: I think that the guilty are always punished. They can hide, they can create an alibi, they can combine in many ways, but in the end they are brought to justice. Even if it were to take years.

The latest season of the program I’ll tell you about the crime will be available on the Crime + Investigation Polsat channel. Episodes of the program will be available from October 22, on Fridays at 22:00. Crime + Investigation Polsat will also broadcast production reruns at 23:55 on the same day and at 20:05 on Saturdays.

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How to watch I’ll tell you about a crime in WP Pilot?

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