The couple will go to the store to buy a door for their home, but the two ‘s thoughts on exactly what design door is needed will be very different. “Old people say it’s terrible to shop with grandparents. Well, you know, old men, I will say that it is a hundred times more terrible to shop with an old man than with a girl. The woman can then still cope, somehow agree. You can’t agree with the old man, ”the popular poetess and show star Magone shares her thoughts.

In addition, the dispute will be sharpened not only by the fact that Žanis does not listen to Poppy’s thoughts, but also by the fact that the door will be purchased at Poppy’s means. “Okay, I understand – the old man works, the old man pitches, the old man rides, the old man commands. But in our case it is – Poppy works, Poppy earns, Poppy pitches, but the old man commands! Well, this thing doesn’t work for me together, and of course, as a good Latvian old woman, I wouldn’t let me hut and command me here, ”says Magone openly.

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