I work from home? These are the 5 most requested laptops by companies nnda nnrt | THEPRESS

Many companies have adopted teleworking as part of their work dynamics, some others seek to return to face-to-face, but granting their collaborators some flexibility, thus requiring laptops that can be adjusted to the new requirements that their workers now need.

Companies are increasingly taking more features into account when choosing laptops, mainly to promote remote work and to help the productivity of their collaborators. Leasein, the Peruvian startup dedicated to laptop rentals, operational leasing, and corporate sales, points out that companies are opting for comfortable, portable models that provide good performance.

“The size of the screen and the ‘generation’ of the laptops are highly valued by customers, as well as the types of ports and battery life, but they mainly focus on choosing the processor, RAM memory and type of storage according to the functions of each profile. We recommend solid state drive (SSD) storage and a minimum of 16GB RAM (…) The truth is that the specifications vary depending on the performance that each user needs,” said Margie Bazán, Leasein’s operations manager.

What are the most requested models?

According to the startup, companies have chosen to rent equipment from brands such as Lenovo, Dell and HP in 2022, because they meet the needs of users with good performance and optimize their experience with modern devices. Likewise, the rental of laptops allows companies to be always up-to-date, operational and have a personalized technical advisory service.

Leasein has a wide variety of brands to respond to the diverse needs of its clients. Next, we comment more about the 5 most requested models:

1. Lenovo Thinkbook 15 G2: Versatile and ultra-portable, this laptop easily adapts to various styles and has a 2gb graphics card that, added to Intel Core i7 processors, provide great power to the team. It has very good memory and storage capacity; It also includes a dual band network that will be very helpful to not lose connection during video calls.

2. Dell Latitude 3420: It is a 14″ business laptop that has the power of processors up to Intel Core i7; It is quite comfortable and light to carry. This model is ideal for executives since it stands out for the variety of essential ports, which make it compatible with more monitors and accessories: USB, HDMI 2.0, RJ-45 Ethernet, universal audio port, and power adapter.

3. Lenovo Thinkpad E15/E14: These laptops are designed for teleworking, mainly for small and medium-sized companies that seek a balance between design and hardware. These computers have a 2gb graphics card, Intel Core i7 processor, dual band network and a very good camera that benefits virtual meetings.

4. Dell Latitude 3520: Perfect for work and home, this 15.6″ laptop has a modern and simple design that allows you to customize the equipment according to your needs and with a wide variety of alternatives. The laptop has good camera resolution, audio and a wide variety of ports, including a micro SD.

5. HP 250 G8: This laptop has a full HD screen, a dedicated 2gb video card, an exceptional connection and an Intel Core i7 processor that allows you to optimize times thanks to its speed. Regarding its design, it is thin, light and elegant, which makes it an excellent option since it will adapt perfectly to the user’s movements.

It should be noted that these laptops have 10th or 11th generation Intel Core processors, which indicates that the technology provides significant improvements in the performance of each of the computers, this being a vital point today.

To date, Leasein has served more than 2,500 companies from various sectors throughout Peru, such as construction, professional services, technology, shops, among others; It has also been named as one of the best startups in the country according to Forbes.