I work in Quebec, Canada for Tampicos there is: they select three – El Sol de Tampico

tampico It is a seedbed of suitable workers to work in companies of Canada and this month some have been hired to work in the Foreignsince they have the desired profile for companies.

through the Tamaulipas National Employment Service Job opportunities are generated that provide better well-being for the people of Tamaulipas, where you can earn more than 30,000 pesos a month depending on the job.

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3 people from Tampico get a job abroad

There were three people from Tampico who managed to get a job in Quebec, Canadafor which they received their documents for their legal stay to occupy positions in fish and shellfish processing.

That is why, the Secretary of Labor in Tamaulipasheaded by Olga Sosa Ruiz, the delivery was made in the municipality of Tampico, in order to deliver their proper documentation in person.

The secretary Sosa Ruiz clarified that the legal security with which the three people from Tampico hired in Canada will travel abroad will have the support of the administration of the state of Tamaulipas.

The workers will have their stay in Quebec, Canada for six months in this processing company, which were selected thanks to the Labor Mobility Program offered by the government of Tamaulipas through the Tamaulipas National Employment Service.

The governor of Tamaulipas supports the people of Tamaulipas

According to Sosa Ruiz, the three people from Tampico have the scraping of the governor of Tamaulipas“three people from Tampico will travel to Quebec, #Canada. They will work for six months in fish and shellfish processing companies. The labor mobility program provides them with legal security and they have the support of Governor Dr. Américo Villarreal”, shared the delegate.

How to demonstrate your qualities in the curriculum vitae?

The National Employment Service (SNE) gives some tips for proactive behaviour, which is a factor in competing in a work environment as changing and competitive as the one experienced in recent years.

Well, companies are looking for people who adapt to the unexpected and who know how to manage uncertainty, so the first tip provided by the SNE is: “Do you have leadership capacity, ingenuity, change, activity and a desire for achievement?” the part of your qualities.

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The second piece of advice is: “describe the main activities of your previous jobs as hard data, for example: ‘creation and control of inventories, reducing shrinkage to 50%’”.

While the third tip is: “highlight the new ideas or strategies that you have created in other companies and that have given positive results”, this way you will be able to position yourself among the best candidates.