"I would rather have driven in the 70s than today"


It was over in March. With Felix Neureuther one of the biggest German ski athletes has ended his career. But he remains a face of winter sports – and thinks about some developments.

Alpine skiing is experiencing a little change for the men. With Marcel Hirscher, the top star of recent years has ended his career and also Felix Neureuther is no longer on skis for the new season. The face of the German alpine team enjoys his retirement, but of course remains faithful to the mountains.

Sustainability in skiing? "A double-edged sword"

In the punkcast "premier class" at t-online.de he is thoughtful in terms of the environment: "I am very worried, you have to be aware of the nature that surrounds us, it is not always so peace, joy, pancakes You have to fight for it to stay that way, "he says. In conversation, Neureuther also showed what measures he himself takes. "We as a family live very environmentally conscious, we see that we separate garbage properly, that we do not use plastic and go everywhere by bike," says the 35-year-old.

Felix Neureuther: The 35-year-old met Florian König in a cabin in the mountains. (Source: t-online.de)Felix Neureuther: The 35-year-old met Florian König in a cabin in the mountains. (Source: t-online.de)

He also sees skiing as his responsibility: "This is a double-edged sword, I do not think it's a good idea what skiing with the mountains and tourism is all about, but you can make it so that you can benefit from it yourself and nature also benefits from it. "

"Setbacks were new challenges for me"

Not only the sustainability in his environment makes him to create, also the own health is a topic for Neureuther. His knees and back made him in his career again and again to create. That, too, played a role in his retirement. In the podcast, he reveals that his career should actually not take place: "At 15, 16 years, the doctors have told me that my body is not made for competitive sports.At that time, it was already seen that my spine is not so well curved . "

Neureuther reacted with defiance: "I did not see that, I wanted to find a way to make it work." And he has found this way, several medals at World Championships and World Cup victories are the result. "Setbacks were new challenges for me."

It would have been far more caring than alpine skiing today in the 1970s: "I would rather have driven at that time than today, which was still a more pure skiing sport back then." Neureuther continues: "The riders today are all top athletes, which used to be more natural skiing."

Which driver Neureuther used to like to watch, how he wants to educate his children and why winter athletes are special for him, will be explained in the podcast.

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