IA, subsidy terminals: when the boss Orange teased Google and Free

IA, subsidy terminals: when the boss Orange teased Google and Free

Before being reappointed for a third consecutive term at the head of the operator on May 4, Stéphane Richard is on the offensive. In an interview with Parisian , he says a little more about the next smart speaker Orange and meets Xavier Niel on mobile subsidies.

Faced with Google and soon Amazon and Apple, Orange will draw Djingo in the fall. Designed in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the speaker will be available in two versions: large and small, like Home and Google’s Home Mini. “We’ll wake him up by” OK Djingo “and we can ask him to start the TV, send an SMS, order races, find a cheap hotel in London” , says Stéphane Richard.

Its price will be “Well below 300 euros” he explains, too. The evocation of this rather high threshold suggests that it is therefore not as cheap as the models of Google and Amazon and rather eyeing the Apple HomePod.

Orange stronger than Google?

But above all, the CEO does not hesitate to set the bar very high in terms of performance: “The integrated AI system will be much better than what exists, on the recognition of the speech, on the reaction time” . When we know how difficult it is to create an artificial intelligence worthy of the name, these words may seem presumptuous. This will be judged on room when the assistant will be available in the fall, as announced for the first time in February in the columns of Release .

Meanwhile, customers at Orange Bank can already test Djingo within the application dedicated to the financial service of the operator. According to Stéphane Richard, 55% of customer inquiries are settled without human intervention, compared to 30% at the time of its launch four months ago.

Everyone can not afford Xavier Niel

In addition to being a laboratory for AI, Orange Bank could also be very useful to the group when it comes to selling smartphones soon. Last March, the Court of Cassation finally gave reason to Free who had attacked SFR in 2012 Whereas the subsidized terminals were primarily disguised consumer credit. A decision that prompted Xavier Niel to call the millions of committed subscribers to come to Free.

“From there to say that the subsidy of mobile is over, Xavier Niel goes a little fast” explains Stéphane Richard. “I’m surprised that, posing as a Robin Hood, it stands in the way of this payment facility that allows many people to have a smartphone. Everyone does not have their means! ” he concludes with a spike.

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