Iain Duncan Smith has warned Remainers not to hold a second referendum to support the voice of the people ever more louder.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has supported the campaign for a new vote today and has suggested that a major Brexit without a deal would not even be on the referendum.

Mr Smith, an advocate of a tough Brexit, has hit the "cessation of conspiracy" behind leaving the EU.

He told LBC Andrew Castle that Remainers would face "great public anger" if they dared to impose a "betrayal" on the 2016 vote.

Mr. Smith said, "I do not think there is any desire for another contradictory referendum, and the last referendum was enough experience.

"I do not think people want to repeat this process, I do not understand what this is about.

"When you ask people a question and choose people in a democracy, you do not always get the same question and decision again and again, until the people who want to stay get what they think is the right answer.

"I think a second vote would make a lot of rage in the eyes of many in the public who feel cheated.

"That they were asked a question, and because the answer they gave was not satisfactory to the establishment, they seem to have gone crazy by this vote, they lose the plot – they can not understand how life outside the EU That's no reason to hold a referendum.

"The referendum was: Shall we go? The answer was yes, the best deal is the one we can go to.

"The reality is that we need to find the arrangement that best reflects what leaving means to take control of borders, laws and money."

British mayor Sadiq Khan called for another Brexit vote, saying that the British public should get a "new word about our future".

Mr Khan said that the referendum should give voters the choice to stay in the EU against any business that the government creates – or a no if the talks fail.

The recent push by one of Labor's most powerful figures is likely to put even more pressure on Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the next party conference.

There are already more than 100 anti-Brexit proposals, including calls for a new vote on the final agreement.

There is a growing movement under the Brexiteer wing of the Tory party urging the prime minister to launch "checkers" on the market.

Former Brexit minister Steve Baker has warned Ms. May that up to 80 Tory MPs are ready to vote against Theresa May's checkers plan.

Despite criticizing Mrs. May's own party, No. 10 confirmed that her plan was "the only one on the table" capable of fulfilling the will of the British while avoiding a hard line.

The Checkers Agreement in July triggered the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson.


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