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[IB champion]Youcai College gave birth to 3 IB champion physical and chemistry top students admitted to Cambridge: Need to invest in the subject-Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-Parent-Child-Band 1 School-Top Class

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In this year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), the number of IB champions who obtained a full score of 45 points has soared. Hong Kong also has 130 IB champions, the highest number in previous years. Youcai (Yang Yin Youdi) College welcomes good news for the second IB exam this year. 3 of the 12 candidates became IB champions, including Liang Zhenfeng, Xu Baiqi and Li Boqian, and Liang Zhenfeng will be promoted to Cambridge University.

Youcai (Yang Yin Youdi) Dean of the Academy, Dr. Tan Guowei and 3 IB champion students. (Photo by Cheng Zhiyuan)

Entered Cambridge Department of Natural Sciences

Liang Zhenfeng (John), one of the IB champions, originally expected an IB score of 44 points. He thought that the exam might not be in good condition, but he could eventually get 45 points. John was admitted to the Department of Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge (Natural Sciences), and will go to the UK for further studies. He feels that the courses of the Department of Natural Sciences are more flexible. You can choose 3 subjects in the first year. He has already chosen physics, chemistry and materials science. He shared a little experience of successfully entering Cambridge:

Cambridge values ​​the Personal Statement. You must be interested in the subject you are studying, be truly involved, and participate in more related activities.

Due to the epidemic, John failed to go to the UK for an interview, and instead met online. He revealed that in addition to asking about textbook knowledge and theory, the Cambridge examiner also asked him what books he had read. He said that the 30-minute interview process was “really difficult.” Johh is a veritable scientific leader. He has represented Hong Kong in many international Olympic physics and chemistry competitions and won many awards.

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John was attracted by the IB course when he was choosing subjects in his early years. “The most profound thing is that I know that I want to write a thesis. I want to do research.” Therefore, he chose to study IB and hope to engage in research after graduation. He said that he maintains the habit of warming books every day, and that he doesn’t need to exert special effort before the exam, as long as he can show his standard.

Study Law in the UK

Another IB champion Xu Baiqi (Marcel) has already planned to study abroad and will enter the law department of King’s College London. He has always been interested in law:

Different legal issues are worth discussing. Each case is a story between people, from collecting information to making decisions and training thinking skills.

Marcel’s IB is estimated to be scored 45 points, but he thinks that the exam is a lot of luck, and it is estimated that it will only be 43 to 44 points in the end. He said with a joke, “When someone in the group has a full score of 130 people, I think I might have both.” Marcel, who is much more, goes to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening on weekdays, and never drives the night car to read books. He thinks that “following books is not energetic.” He thinks watching more teaching videos is more effective.

Most young people nowadays have one or even several social media accounts. However, Marcel did not join any social media to protect privacy and focus on studying. He did not open an Instagram account until two weeks ago, mainly to view the latest updates of King’s College London. news.

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Playing football inspires medical dreams

As for Li Boqian (Brian), his estimated IB score is 40 to 41 points. Because the 4000-word Extended Essay (EE) was transferred very late, the result was not as good as expected, so when he received the news of full marks, he felt very Surprise. Brian considered studying overseas, and finally decided to stay in Hong Kong to study medicine at the Chinese University, and may go abroad to study for a master’s degree in the future. Brian has been obsessed with playing football since he was a junior, and he also inspired his dream of practicing medicine because of football:

I have seen many players with cruciate ligament injuries, their careers are over, and their parents have a bad trachea, I want to use my professional knowledge to change and help people.

Brian originally planned to take the Diploma of Secondary Examination (DSE) course, but influenced by his cousin who took the IB course, I feel that IB emphasizes topic-based learning, with more life-oriented and practical content, and also has a school-based assessment (Internal Assessment, referred to as lA). ), he thinks IB is more suitable for him than DSE.

IB champions Li Boqian, Liang Zhenfeng and Xu Baiqi (from left) went to study locally and in the UK respectively. (Photo by Cheng Zhiyuan)

The three champions all felt that there are many challenges in studying science under the epidemic. Take Brian as an example. Originally, EE was a topic related to MSG in chemistry, but he couldn’t go back to school for experiments during the epidemic, so he had to change to an English topic urgently. Marcel feels that in the IB course, sometimes it is indeed frustrating to discover that it is not feasible after completing the experiment, but he learns to “learn from failure”.

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