Ibercaja proposes an ERE of 500 employees two years after the last workforce adjustment

The first process of labor restructuring of the Spanish banks is about to begin to be negotiated, when a month and a half of 2020 has barely elapsed. The main entity will be Ibercaja, whose executives will begin today to negotiate with the unions a process of File of Employment Regulation (ERE) that will affect approximately 500 group workers, according to union sources.

For an ERE to be legally effective, it must affect at least 10% of the company’s workforce. At the end of 2019, Ibercaja had an approximate workforce of 5,100 workers. The adjustment will also be on the thousand branches. “The scope of the process, the formulas and exit conditions will come out of the negotiation,” said sources from the group. In the previous processes there was always agreement with the most union, the willfulness at departures and employees were given priority Older.

Ibercaja faces this process two years after undertaking another ERE in 2018. Then, the adjustment affected more than 10% of the workforce and that resulted in the exit of 590 workers. At the end of that adjustment, the bank already indicated that, at a minimum, it would not be until 2020 when they started another ERE. During the past year, the decrease in employees was approximately 300 employees, from the 5,390 that it had at the end of 2018.




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