Iberia flight from Madrid to Montevideo canceled for May 7

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The Iberia airline had set up a flight for May 7 from Madrid to Montevideo but it was finally canceled, Foreign Minister Ernesto Talvi reported on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, the company that was going to charter the Iberia flight on May 7 canceled it. We are working intensively with Spain to find alternatives that allow us to make a flight from Madrid as soon as possible,” Talvi wrote.

Talvi reported on Tuesday after meeting with President Luis Lacalle Pou in the weekly agreements that the humanitarian flights of the Amaszonas Uruguay airline that connect Montevideo with San Pablo and vice versa will continue to operate until the end of May.

There will be a slight change in the prices of the tickets, which can be accessed through the website of the airline.

Tonight a flight will depart from Madrid in the AirEuropa company, but it is not a commercial one but a charter hired by the French government, which enabled the return of Uruguayans.

The Foreign Ministry does not have the exact number of compatriots who will return because the consulates registered those interested, but until this Monday night there were about 200 people who asked to return. “Hopefully this is a significant number,” said Talvi.

The foreign minister informed that there will be a new Buquebus trip for Uruguayans stranded in Argentina as well as a charter flight that leaves this Wednesday from Australia and will bring 20 Uruguayans in that country and 12 in New Zealand. As the final destination of the charter is Santiago de Chile, a Hercules aircraft from the Air Force will go to find those passengers and 27 others who are in Chile.

Talvi referred to the situation of 39 people stranded in Peru, 19 in Lima and the rest in other cities. “We are dealing with it,” he said and clarified that since an internal transfer ban is in force in that country, the situation is more complex. To those 39 considered “stranded” are added between 40 and 60 people who want to return, but who according to the Foreign Ministry do not meet the condition of having return tickets from before April 12 that could not be used by the health emergency.

“We cannot humanely solve all problems at the same time. We are working and working implies that we have to make these things prosper, ”said the minister.



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