Ibiza, among the 50 most photographed places in the world on Instagram

Ibiza has slipped into the ‘ranking’ of the 50 most photographed places in the world in Instagram in 2023, as published by the travel platform Big 7 Travel, with a total of 4.5 billion ‘hashtags’ on Instagram and TikTok (18 million, only on Instagram). Its about only national destination that appears in this list where it occupies the 19th position.

“The island is known for its beautiful beaches and its vibrant nightlife, which makes it a popular destination for travelers looking for a party,” publishes Big 7 Travel, in this list of top travel destinations, where the beauty of its beaches stands out. “For years, Ibiza has been known for its nightlife, but have you ever thought of exploring it during the day? This is the privileged place for beautiful beach photographers to fill you with beautiful images,” they say from the traveler portal. To illustrate this information, the island is represented with an image of the Cala de Sant Vicent.

Most Instagrammable places in the world

Social networks, and specifically Instagram, have become a great tool for travelers who seek to document and share their adventures, a trend from which the most ‘instagrammable’ places in the world have emerged, completing this list. They are destinations that offer a large number of opportunities to take photos and videos.

He First place in the ‘ranking’ goes to Milan (Italy), followed by London (England), Paris (France), Istanbul (Turkey), New York (USA), Nepal, Chicago (USA), Bali (Indonesia), Sri Lanka, Sydney (Australia), North Island (New Zealand), Baku (Azerbaijan), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), Seoul South Korea), Maldives, Seattle (USA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) until reaching the 19th position occupied by Ibiza.

Behind are Dublin (Ireland), Marrakech (Morocco), Iceland, New Orleans (USA), Tulum (Mexico), Hong Kong (China), Cape Town (South Africa), Phuket (Thailand), Oahu (Hawaii), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Prague ( Czech Republic), Bergen (Norway), Tbilisi (Georgia), Edinburgh (Scotland), Warsaw (Poland), Santorini (Greece), Tahiti (French Polynesia), Havana (Cuba), Lisbon (Portugal), Boracay (Philippines) , Banff (Canada), Hoi An (Vietnam), Amalfi Coast (Italy), Wadi Rum (Jordan), Kerry (Ireland), Interlaken (Switzerland), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Masai Mara (Kenya), Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), Bruges (Belgium) and finally Nice (France).