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Ibiza criticizes TV-3 to identify its team with the logo of a disc


The president of the Unión Deportiva Ibiza, Amadeo Salvo, and the mayor of Eivissa, Rafa Ruiz, have recriminated to the regional chain TV-3 that will use the logo of the Pacha disco instead of club shield to inform the party of Copa del Rey against Barça to be held on January 22

This impersonation of the official logo was produced in the program 'Esport Club'of TV-3, which attributed to Ibiza as a symbol the two cherries of the famous disco, while identifying FC Barcelona with its official shield.

Therefore, the president of the Consell de Eivissa, Vicent Marí, sent a letter to the acting president of the Catalan Audiovisuals Corporation on Wednesday, on which the Autonomous Televisió de Catalunya depends, Núria Llorach, asking that the shield of the Unió Deportiva Eivissa be respected.

The first to show his indignation on social networks has been the president of the Ibizan team, Amadeo Salvo: "There are more fools than windows @esportclub and you are among the first, "he criticized on Twitter.

Except he has labeled Catalan television "wasted", which he has called for the game: "See you in Can Misses and I'll tell you in the face." In addition, he has criticized that "grace" has been made "with public money."

The mayor of Eivissa, Rafa Ruiz, has also been outraged and in the same social network has indicated that it is "very bad taste" for a public television to put a trademark instead of the city team shield.

This Wednesday, in statements to the media, Salvo has agreed that the use of the logo "was in very bad taste", and stressed that the authorities of the city of Eivissa have joined the club's rejection for this action.

"Slip or bad taste theme"

The president of the team has also clarified that "a slip or a bad taste issue of only one media" can never "reduce the name of Eivissa" or a match of "magnitude" like the one that will be played between Ibiza, "a modest club, and Barça". "We cannot let a tree prevent us from seeing the rest of the forest," he added.

Except, that has given the controversy by ditch, has recognized that more than anger, "it has caused surprise and a small warm-up, but that it is not going anymore because they are nobody," he said at IB3.

The president of the UD Ibiza has explained that he has received a sorry on a personal level from the chain, but no rectification, something you won't ask for either.

"If they do, we would gladly accept them and even lower the tone of the writing I made," he added about his criticism on Twitter.

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