IBL Pilots A Private Hospital Project In The North Of The Country

The IBL group indicates that it is implementing the HealthScape Medical & Wellness Village project, which will bring together facilities and services in one place. Among these, there is or will be a sports complex, a paramedical center, a pharmacy (MedActiv), a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic. It will be built in the location, which was formerly known as Circle Square.

The next step is the construction of a private hospital with 82 rooms, but also 30 beds for ‘outpapients’. This will be developed by Bloomage Ltd and managed by Life Together Medical Clinic Ltd. Both are subsidiaries of IBL.

The aim is to offer all the services normally offered by a hospital, i.e. consultations in various medical disciplines, an emergency department, operating theatres, a maternity ward and radiology, among others.

Economic Development Board analysis

To justify its project, the promoter relies in particular on government policy and the analysis made by the Economic Development Board on the health sector. This indicates that the number of private institutions has doubled over the years and future projections indicate that the sector should contribute substantially to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and become a pillar of the economy. Currently, the health sector represents about 4.6% of GDP and employs 8,500 people.

It should be noted that the aim of the HealthScape project is to make it the main medical and wellness destination in Mauritius. In the more or less near future, there will also be an alternative medicine center, a rehabilitation block, a ‘Kids Emporium’, a medical retreat center and a culture space, among others,

It should be noted that the private hospital, which will be developed over an area of ​​3,364 m2, is located opposite Espace Maison, in Forbach.