IBM and the US Department of Energy present the most powerful supercomputer in the world

IBM and the US Department of Energy present the most powerful supercomputer in the world

The IBM company and the National Laboratory Oak Ridge from the US Department of Energy today’s ‘Summit’, a supercomputer that promises to be the most powerful and intelligent that has ever been created. According to the press release of Oak Ridge , Summit has a maximum performance of 200,000 billion calculations per second, or what is the same, 200 petaflops. This supercomputer will be up to eight times more powerful than the laboratory’s previous system, the Titan. The institution said that used in certain scientific tasks, this computer is capable of making up to 3 billion mixed precision calculations per second. Summit will offer a computing power never before seen in research on energy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other domains, enabling scientific discoveries that were not possible before. On the occasion of the announcement , Rick Perry, US Secretary of Energy, said: Today’s launch of the supercomputer Summit demonstrates the strength of American leadership in scientific innovation and technological development. It will have a profound impact on energy research, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness and national security. On the other hand, IBM affirmed that has been working for several years in the development of this team, which has 4,608 compute servers with two 22-core IBM Power9 chips and 6 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs each. In addition, the system has more than 10 petabytes of memory. Image: US Department of Energy The fact that it has Nvidia GPUs means that the system is focused on machine learning applications and Deep Learning , as well as high performance computer works that are common in research in the energy sector and advanced materials. Summit is one of the two supercomputers IBM is building for the US Department of Energy. The second one is Sierra, which will be located at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Sierra could arrive this year, however, it has less power than Summit. In any case, both systems are more powerful than any other machine present in the Department at present.

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