IBM plans to lay off engineers over 40 years old

IBM plans to lay off engineers over 40 years old

Through two industrial research companies, the company’s plans to freshen its workforce with young minds that belong purely to the generation of the Milenialls were filtered. Magazine / Oswaldo Barajas
Through a detailed report on its most recent research related to the desired profiles to hire by technology companies, consulting firms ProPublica and Mother Jones revealed that IBM plans to lay off a large number of employees over 40 years of age. age to replace them with younger technical staff.

The document entitled “Cutting ‘old Heads’ at IBM” , gathers the elements obtained by the researchers of both consultants in a work that has been defined as journalistic by both organizations.
The note states that the plans of the iconic American company revolve around the replacement of a good part of its workforce, so it will start with a cycle of abdications among its workforce to settle mainly engineers, technicians, and trusted personnel of areas such as production floor and other areas of units that are currently being reinforced
“As it struggles to compete in the Internet world, the technology company (IBM) that was once dominant fired tens of thousands of American workers, thus beating its most senior employees and flouting the rules against the old bias.” , commented in an introductory way the ProPublica document.

Tekla S. Perry, researcher and consultant in the electronics industry.
The investigation of both agencies shows that IBM has been systematically applying for dismissals in its workforce, targeting workers whose birth date is prior to 1980, which shows that the age factor in those employees is not coincidental. They are informed of their dismissal, because those responsible for this research ensure that it is clear IBM’s goal to replace with younger minds all their human capital, mainly in those areas of expertise or technology.
The report also contends that several veteran employees who were dismissed reported having been informed that their dismissal was due to outdated knowledge and skills, and that they were not aligned to the new technologies, however, they were brought back as contract workers. often with a lower salary and fewer benefits.

For Tekla S. Perry, editor of the magazine IEEE Spectrum Magazine and collaborator in this research project, her suspicions about the case of discrimination within International Business Machines have been confirmed, since in 2015 she published the article “Massive Worldwide Layoff Under Way at IBM” in the industrial magazine, where he made an attentive call to the company’s labor community to share any information anonymously regarding what was happening internally, and from that time he warned that more than 100,000 workers are at risk of being part of the company. The largest mass layoff ever recorded in the US technology industry since IBM lost its payroll in 1993 by laying off some 60,000 employees.
“Yes, yes, and yes! In my 2015 article, I reported that IBM was moving the ax massively over its work force, and older employees were hit harder, “Tekla said, adding:” The evidence was anecdotal: employees with seniority, generally, about 50 years of age, suddenly they were without work and with minimum benefits of compensation for their dismissal “.

In social networks such as Facebook, the @Watching IBM group is responsible for keeping the most recent news about the massive personnel cuts applied by IBM to the interested community.
According to the journalist, has tried to collect the replica of IBM and repeatedly but has not received an exact response from the spokesmen of the company, so it assumes that this position only confirms the inequitable maneuver and outside the framework of any corporate ethics in which he forsakes his veteran collaborators.
Some of the sources used by Tekla also include groups in social networks, such as the #Watching IBM community on Facebook, which has hundreds of followers that feed back the status of IBM’s different offices around the world.
The article argues that this research does not intend to exert partial pressure against the company, and clarifies that it is an in-depth study that seeks to raise awareness among the executives of the firm and other companies in the field to reconsider and analyze the possibility of adopting other ways of encouraging older employees to reincorporate them into the current panorama of technologies, contemplating, for example, campaigns to update knowledge and skills, reassigning activities and other models that do not affect employees and instead allow them to Keep your source of work.
IBM currently has some 60,000 job openings, in which the requirements have been developed with professionals under 40 years of age in mind, a number that will continue to rise as the layoffs continue to apply, said the ProPublica and Mother Jones work team.

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