Ibolya Oláh told why it is the most difficult for her in Sztárban in stár

He suffered last week and feels he can’t do much with his voice.

“I take it as a game, I don’t feel that I should compete here. It is important to feel good in my comfort zone, not to strain. I have a mature voice, which is difficult to slide left and right, it is a smoky, dirty voice. You will really recognize it out of a thousand, unfortunately,” he told TV2.

Oláh Ibolya looked like this in the last show, she didn’t like itPhoto: Major Kata – Origo

He felt uncomfortable last time, he doesn’t like the “feminine” look. “I don’t have a favorite moment… out of the whole race, this Sunday was when I didn’t really feel comfortable,” he explained. He feels that none of the tasks he received was his style, but this is also the essence of the show, as they are looking for the most versatile performer in the Star in the Star.

The singer who won the Song and came second in the Megastar also said other interesting things. More in the video, turn the page!