Ibrahimovic’s astonishing confidences: “I hit him on purpose, I hope he understands” (video)

On November 14, Spain made sure to play the next World Cup in Qatar by defeating Sweden, who must go through the play-offs in March to try to play the competition.

During these dams, Ibrahimovic, suspended after another yellow card, will not be able to participate in the first match.

The card was brandished after a very limited duel with the Spanish defender Azpilicueta. During this phase of play (see video below), the Swedish giant hit him violently in the back.

Today, we learn that this gesture was premeditated.

“The other day, in the national team, I hit Azpilicueta”, he told the English daily The Guardian. “I did it on purpose. I’m not ashamed to say it because he did something stupid to my teammate. It was stupid but I did it anyway so that he understood: ‘ Damn, you don’t do that. You don’t have the balls to do it against me. But I’ll show you what will happen if you do it with me. ‘That’s why I did it. “

Chelsea defender Azpilicueta was not discussed with the Swedish giant later. “What can he say? He won’t tell me but he will tell my teammate – who won’t do anything because he’s too nice. It wasn’t a good thing of me. , but I would have done it anyway. I’m like that. I’m not ashamed to say it. “

Ibrahimovic does not regret his gesture which will make him miss a crucial meeting for his country. “It’s not about missing the play-offs. It’s about making him understand that we are not making fun of a person lying (on the ground). (…) We are not attacking not a dog that does not speak. We attack the one who is able to do something. It is too easy to take it out on my teammates who are 20 years old and are very nice guys. I hope he understands now.”