Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 – Changes to the jerseys were also made by Slovakia / PHOTO

13.5.2022 08:40

At the World Cup in Finland, fans will see several new jerseys that they did not see at the last championship.

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After three years, France and Austria returned to the elite, being replaced by disqualified Russia and Belarus. Their jerseys were last seen by hockey holiday enthusiasts in Bratislava and Košice at the 2019 championship.

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However, many national teams underwent changes compared to the previous year. In the jerseys of most countries, belts of one of the national colors have been added to line the upper part, and patterns have been removed from the sleeves.

Italy exchanged the logo for the inscription Italia embedded in the tricolor. Norway has adjusted the format of the country’s inscription and reduced the silhouette of the bear and moved more to the region. The jerseys were matched by Denmark, which had a slightly different design from the home team to the away team at the last championship.

Slovak jerseys have also undergone minor modifications. Patterns in national colors disappeared from the sleeves, and a red belt lined the jersey.

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